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Ended up watching a White House video of people being beheaded in video games while Nick Cave sings "I need you" on Spotify.Is

I was happy to take the game as a joke. It was the dev who started with personal attacks. 

I'm not pissed because of the game, I'm pissed because the dev's acted like a dick when I asked if the game was supposed to work that way.

Yeah, agreed. So it's a pretty shitty thing for the dev to say I'm a centrist based on how I played the game.

Reminds me of carsassone but without the competitiveness. I actually played it hoping I'd be able to export the map and use it for an RPG. Is that something you'd be thinking of implementing in the future?

Did you notice Black Heart too?

I'm not arguing they shouldn't make a game like that. I'm pointing out that calling people centrists, *outside of the game* when you just made a centrist game, is hypocritical.

Yeah, and that's fine if that's the joke of the game. But then the game dev came out and agreed with the Angel, so...

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Yeah, except the game never asks you your opinions on any of these people. It just makes you choose whether to eviscerate them or not. Nothing any of them said made me feel okay with disemboweling them, but that is 100% different than thinking they're all the same.
Like, evisceration isn't just a supernatural gift. We *all* have the power to eviscerate people if we don't like what they say. Pretty sure nobody here has done that, doesn't make us all centrists.

Dude, you made a "political satire" that just mocks every side. If anybody here is the centrist, it's you.

The Angel of death comes down and tells you to start eviscerating people and you just do it? I don't commit atrocities just cause an authority figure said it was fine. 

Ok cool, you could have said it was working as intended. But instead you went for an insult?

There are places in the real world where people get tortured to death for their political opinions. Generally the people that oppose that are not labelled centrists.

Not sure if it's working properly. I sent everybody to heaven and it called me a centrist. Then I replayed it and sent everybody to hell and it called me a centrist.