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Thanks very much! Yeah I spent most of my time on the concept, AI and artwork, so the actual gameplay was very "eh, I guess this'll do". Thanks for the feedback 😁

Yeah I do agree - I had some features I wanted to implement but ran out of time. Thanks for feedback, def stuff I would look at if I was expanding on this

I love the glowing aesthetic, I think that works nicely. I would say that the first part felt a bit too easy and the boss felt a little bit hard, but I kept playing to the end and had a lot of fun :)

I like the monkey and the gameplay idea - the execution needs a little bit of polish though IMO. The monkey sound playing repeatedly does get a bit annoying. A fun idea though!

Thanks very much 😁 it's not as polished as I'd like as I lost a lot of time this week, but glad you enjoyed it

Very nice, really cool presentation and music. Ended up playing a lot longer than I thought I would.

My main feedback would be that the "Prescribe Drugs" minigame felt very random. Like the momentum of the pill didn't quite match what I thought it would? Either way, cool game!

No, sorry, this is just the build from Unity. What kind of Windows are you using? (Sorry about this, haven't shipped a game like this before!)

Hope you enjoyed it, thank you for playing!

Thanks very much! Threw this together very quickly as an experiment so I'm glad it made your brain have to work a little bit.

I love this sketch, it's literally what I was thinking about when I came up with the idea!

Thanks so much for playing! Sorry it turned out much harder than I expected haha. Should have spent time at the end balancing it rather than coding a "dance party mode" that unlocks after level 3!

Yeah I think this might be a better way of doing it. I could imagine it as a mobile game where you have to tilt your phone to balance the kids-tower, but tbh after working on these for three days I'm sick of the sight of it haha

Already pre-ordered "Trench Souls", "Trenchbourne" and "Trenchiro: Trenchcoats Die Twice"

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I totally agree with your suggestions. Ran out of time and still new-ish to Unity else it would be more polished and playable. Thanks :)

Thanks so much for playing! Yeah I wanted to add some indicators that flash up what button to press, but I ran out of time and my game dev skills are still not great. It was very funny watching your reactions xD

I knew I was bad at the game when I heard the music loop lol. Nicely executed!

Exceptional. Manages to convey so much in such a short time. Obviously not something I could imagine being much a larger game, but this was unlike anything else I've played in this jam

Nice execution of a simple idea! If you were to develop this further I'd make it so you can jump on platforms from underneath (like in Mario and other platformers) just to make it easier. I also liked how it's just one long level you unlock parts of. Nicely done!

I enjoyed making the fish multiply and I really like the sound of the chaos bar filling up. Unfortunately I had a bug where the first few times I tried to do the first level the fish disappeared and I wasn't sure what to to do. They reappeared after my third try though!

Thanks! Yeah you basically have to quick-tap a key to tilt each part. I wanted to add more visual feedback (like a key command flashes up when a kid tilts too far) but unfortunately ran out of time. Thanks for the feedback!