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Sound effects would be really cool. I actually like this :D

DC dev community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Any suggestions, ideas and stuff.

There's no goal. Maybe make a parkour track thing. Where at the end you can win. 

About the world. It's super random? There's like 3 people fighting and a person laying down. Then a few random buildings.

The controls are good and stuff.

Honestly this game is way too easy. I solved the first puzzle in a second. The rest were a bit harder. But still too easy. Could you make it a bit harder? I feel like theres no challenge for a 200 IQ fella like myself. If you watched Rick & Morty then you'd understand what I mean. I'm shaking my head writing this.

Do you have discord? Add me. Toka#8523

Looks nice!

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This game... I don't even know what to say. It made me feel stuff again. Just beautiful :,)

Can you make weapons stronger? Killing the zombies make me feel weak. 

Ok this is awesome


Collab on what?

Game page looks nice

It works :D

The movement is a bit weird. You can go partly into walls. Have you changed the collision detection to this: 

Anyways the game is really fun!

Hey. I noticed you followed my tip about zipping it all together.

There is another issue. Your game won't start. I have no idea why.

Is it something you can look into?


Buy the game lmao

I love how the game gets scarier as it speeds up

No problem. I'll now enjoy your game with 60fps lol

Nice game 

Did you tick the windows thing?

Yeah I found the control configuration some time after. I really love this version of tetris :)

The performance is unbareable. (Web version) But otherwise it's a neat game :)

I can't download the game?

No. It's censored fine as it is :)

Nvm. I pressed all keys and "Hold" was shift lol

Unimino community » Discussion · Created a new topic Controls?

I cant find the controls lol

Did not expect the NSFW image at the bottom lol

1kb lol

AMD in 4 months