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Atomic Heist is a sci-fi roguelike twin-stick shooter. Control your combat ship and fight your way out of the overrun space station. The nuclear core you have to steal is leaking radiation, so you need to hurry and escape! Manage your ammo carefully and collect power-ups to enhance your ship.

Grab the atomic core and fight your way out of the overrun space station. Manage your ammo carefully, it is precious and affects the various enemies differently. Use collected power ups to modify your ammo and ship, but power ups also help the enemies. Oh, also keep in mind the core is leaking radiation so move quickly. Along the way unlock upgrades and ships to ease the escape.


Hello, I have just release an open beta of Atomic Heist. It is a top down rogue-like shooter. Your objective is to grab the atomic core and escape the base. Unlock ships, upgrades and ammo as you play.