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I just wanted to let you know that there'll be delay before next big update.

Theres more pieces that need to be placed together than ever before so it's taking longer than usual. Plus little creative break.

Stay tuned. :)

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As the title says,  you can see if there's some issue with download link. I'll keep updating this post.

Download link status: Working

05/05/2021 Link down due to server maintenance. Estimated time: N/A. Server maintenance is complete.

Thank you. :)

easy to install, works almost instantly with little setup process. 5/5

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Couldn't get build up during sunday.  I  was working on a bigger update. :)

Build is ready and download link will be available tomorrow.

Thank you.

- Tohtori Jamba

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Thank you for all the testers.

I think it  was only fair to give my thanks to all the testers. I'll be writing down  eveyone's name / nickname 
(with their permission) that've helped  with the  project by playtesting and  giving valuable feedback.

Without their continued support, this project  wouldn't be  as  far  as  it  currently is.

I'll update this list from time  to time.

Name list:
Freyor, Tinsku, Exarius, Mr_Miiku, Gary.

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Download link is now available. It can be found at the main project page.

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As of 11.04.2021,  project is now too big for a browser play. Download link will be provided so you can continue playing.

For all the testers, supporters and people who read this:

Thank you.

- Tohtori  Jamba