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So I'll start a log here, maybe that will help me make sure I finish something. I've finished a decent number of game jams (none on Itch for some reason) but these might be the most unique constraints I've worked in. I've just finished a week or so of somewhat intensive Unity study. My last commercial game used Lua/Love2D, but I need to step up to Unity big time, so this will be a good test of what I've learned.

I didn't officially join the event until today. I used the time I was able to spend on pinning down a workflow and finding a method to bring in Blender models and get them colored and lit--unlit as it turns out--appropriately.  I worried that a 3D Unity project wouldn't look good with such a restricted palette, but the "toon edge" idea dawned on me in a quick design shower  and I knew I had to take a serious run at this.* 

I'm hanging it up for the day with a method for modeling and coloring. Tomorrow I want something loosely resembling a starting area, and I'd like to be close enough to a functional prototype that I can move around in it. 

* A design shower is my design activity for any project that won't have proper documentation. I go in with a problem and come out with a plan. Try it if you haven't.

Also shadows disabled in quality settings, no lights of course.

I'm only just digging in but I'm finding great results with unlit shaders for materials and UV textures. I'm fairly new to Unity and I'm actually achieving the toon outline in Blender by setting up a duplicate object, scaled up, and normals calculated inside so the outside faces are culled in Unity. If someone has a better trick for the outline I'd be excited to hear about it. 

Back on the screenshot train for night 8. Working on choreography and power-ups--the lifeblood of a successful scrolling shooter. Bosses next to complete the holy trinity.

Night 4: Asteroids

I wanted these asteroids to be a huge pain in the ass for every living thing in this game. It was a huge success.

Night 3: In which I create an alien race that would stop at nothing to see me dead.

Yeah I think a palette with less going on might be a great solution.

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Awesome. Make something great!

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Check Enable the use of Views

Check Visible when room starts

Set W and H for View in Room to 64 and 64

Set W and H for Port on Screen to something like 512 and 512

Night 2: Not a TON of keyboard time today but we're flying and shooting!

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Had to change engines about 2 hours ago but now I'm chilling on the final frontier...

Phaser turned out less than ideal. The actual Phaser team did a 32x32 entry last time and by their own admission it was hacky and there's no better way to do it. Love Phaser, but it will be for another day.

Excellent info. Thanks.


My man!

But that's a lot more programming than Game Maker. I'm also a fan of Game Maker.

If I can go off topic for a moment, I'm psyched your here. Your books have been my go-to guides when I started to pursue games journalism in addition to my development efforts last year. I've written a lot of stuff in a short time using your advice. You, sir, are a hero for what you do.

Thinking seriously about using Phaser. I've completed a Ludum Dare jam using it successfully and Unity seems like trouble/overkill.