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So I played the game and when I lost all my lives by stage 7 or so, and I was forced back to level 1, I felt a bit disinclined to continue playing.

I understand the appeal and why you gave the player only 3 lives to complete the entire game. You could argue that games are way too easy these days, but you might consider that while competing in the current market, it might make sense to fall in line and give unlimited lives.

You might be able to stand out with this gimmick, but I'm not sure.

The platforming and graphics were excellent by the way. Great work overall on the mechanics and visuals. 

This was awesome! Thanks!

I love your platforming. Loved Satan Loves Cake, too.

is there a bug in this game? I can't let go of the horizontal line purple block in a space it should be compatible with. It's really frustrating me! Great game other than that!

This is my favorite game that I've played on . Really great. Would love a bigger game.

very fun and hilarious experience. this was fantastic. please make more.

I think you have a good template, but my advice would be to slow down, replace all of the graphics, find an artist who can give you the style you want. There's no reason to have such poor graphics like a yellow block... If you're serious about this game, I would highly recommend revising the art. The controls were a bit wonky, too. But the cat is cute and these types of games are fun. So just give the game some love.

I like this game! You can tell people Mac can run this game, too, because I played it on my Mac! It's fun and I couldn't quit get past the 4th level... i think it was the 4th. It was a long one.

thanks for that tip. that makes me reconsider my approach. I will be sure to let you know of any more feedback I have in my future playthroughs.

I really like the graphics and the gameplay is pretty fun.

I would recommend you amend the structure of the demo, in that you should get a few lives before you have to go back to the beginning. This would make the game more fun I think. I will play more, though. A lot of good work here. It's not easy, either! I am of the opinion that first levels should be somewhat easy. But that's just me.

It's cute but it's not very rewarding. Didn't feel much incentive to keep playing. Could use some cute sound fx. A couple lines of story. Or just something a bit more dynamic. Could really make it a fun playthrough.

This game is incredible and I can't wait to play the full version. I would absolutely buy a full version of this game. 

Maybe the MC's sword swing could be smoother, but that is up to you, to be honest. Like, perhaps it would be cool to be able to swing like 3 in a row really smoothly. 

Great job. Great graphics. Good to great storyline. Awesome animations. Great gameplay. Beautiful level design. 5/5 stars.

Are you guys really indie? This is so good!

I think the reason it wasn't so noticeable is that you put an enemy right in front of it. And that was before I was able to grab the sword. Also, the way that particular enemy is, it really seemed to be connected to the puzzle. Because it popped up out of the ground right after the letters. Personally, I don't think that particular enemy is at all necessary right there. 

Now I can't beat the soldier! It's super hard... I'll try more later, but it's really frustrating me. 

I didn't even realize that was a play button! That could be just my issue, but so long as that's there it's an awesome puzzle. Can't wait to play more.

Hey community, 

 I wanted to ask for some feedback on my first game. I produced, created and wrote this game.

It's called Mobli!

I admittedly did not think about audiences or demographics before deciding to make this, so perhaps
some of you can help me out and tell me if there is any demo for this game?

Thanks community!


Downloaded for Mac.  It said Unable to find game when I tried to run it.

I think that i'm supposed to play the music on the notes, but its too difficult cause I can't hear it back, I can't replay the individual note, and I can only take the direction of the notes in one way. Super frustrating.

Beautiful character design. Not a huge fan of the UI or the backgrounds. Especially because you have such beautiful pixel characters. 

I would have liked to play more, but I am getting really annoyed the music puzzle. Please let me know how to do it.

Really great game. Terrible title. 

I loved it until I got to the part where you have to character swap in the air to get across...

The button just would not work. Or I couldn't figure it out. Really great game otherwise and I wish I could play more.

I really liked this game and the gameplay. I would have liked to have had a bit more story and introduction added to my experience. I feel that could have really set this game apart. Although, it is fantastic gameplay and does stand on its own with that alone.