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Soul Grinder

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Good game, nice art style.  Played up until lvl 52

Nice Tamagotchi idea, I like that you need to make sure he is drunk and medicated to stay alive lol

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed :)

Aye, the more prisoners you have on board, the quicker your food/water runs out, got to stock up

Nice game to match theme, music goes well with game.  Maybe some screen fx triggers might be fun to add to it.  Good work

I hear that, some of my games miss features I plan to put in because of lack of time, but you did great work for the time spent on it.  Good luck for the next jam

Great game and concept, very fun game of skill.  Wouldn't change anything about it except maybe have a stage number displayed so the player can see what level they are on.  Original game, good work

Yes it's possible, it's also my first use of physics 2.0 on gdevelop but after a bit of trial and error I got it to work.  If you want the object to bounce properly you got to untick the fixed rotation and alter the dissolution number (bounce power) and other settings to get the right feel to whatever feels right through trial and error.

lol, exactly like

that :)

Thanks for the feedback.  Haha yes I was going for a trippy kind of Mario, and I was punning the theme of Life is Short to using the shrink mechanic to make your character short.  Also having the ability to make your character larger felt like a necessity to make it more fun.  Due to lack of time to add more to it, it ended up more simpler than I set out, but still learning and enjoying creating.  Hopefully will get better in future 

Not bad at all for a week's worth of game dev.  Good quality artwork and well built platformer.  I liked level completed guitar music too.  Only feedback for improvements I can think of would be to just add more levels and have a boss fight with a large demon before you free the wife.

Fun simple game nicely done, I survived for 138.3227 seconds.  The artwork is good, the grey fanged monster was my favourite.  Wouldn't change much about this game other than adding power ups for main weapon or special ability.

Enjoyed that, nice concept.  Good job on the artwork, music/fx  and of course the falling pianos, fun to dodge.  I agree with Shibey about the shift key, but instead of removing or reversing it, maybe having a stamina bar that depletes and regenerates from use so that the player can't constantly hold shift down and be made to use it sparingly instead.  Even if left as is, it's still fun though

Thanks for the feedback, and great idea about screenshake to make a bigger impact when destroying enemies.  Also yes I thought it would be fun to be able machine gun with space and clicking.  I probably should change it but I'll leave it in lol

Thanks, glad you liked it.  Nice score also!

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Thanks for the feedback Thoof.  You have to collide with the other wizards until they KO to gain Battle points, if you fire that blue magic ball at them it just knocks them out.  Info on how it works is on the scrolling text on the title screen.  Fixed that timer now, thanks for spotting that.   Yes it's got quite a DOS feel to it :)

Cool I've added it to my Collection, look forward to it :) 

Great work, l like the graphics, and the scanlines for retro effect.  Also enjoyed the ability absorbing mechanic, really fun gameplay.  Will play again and hope it gets updated.  Only feedback for improvement is maybe having a full screen that fills the screen rather than it being 1/4 and to the side, a crossair for the mouse cursor, and maybe some small HUD icons for the skills you collect and their skill level

Nice game idea and fun to play.  I like the dancing robot and the music too haha

Nice input thanks, I like the idea of putting an invulnerability phase or even a knock away the player to spread out the damage more to be a little less trample than need be, and maybe splash some more information about objectives on the Get Ready screen.

Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed it, yes it is very challenging but I could add more health in the future tweaks.  I've just added it now to Weekly GameJam.

Yes haha the sluggy boi is mightier than the railgun bow, no matter how much gold you have

Thanks glad you liked it, it is only prototype at the moment, I plan to update for more interesting and never ending levels :)

Nice work and quite original and fun