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Hello everybody!

I'm messing around with the idea of making a chat bot based interactive fiction experience, where you'll be exchanging IMs / messages with Gertrude / Gordon and/or Alex as they make their way through Episode 3. Maybe focused around the major choices the characters have to make, and you talking through with them the Pros and Cons of the ideas / influencing their choice.

My plan is to write the dialogs using InkScript

May not have a lot of time for this, but thought would be fun to play around with from a technical side and wrap it in an Epistle 3 bow. If you'd like to help contribute as a writer, or have interesting ideas or suggestions for having a conversation with the characters while they're "Experiencing the game without you" let me know.

(Alternate idea: Maybe you're talking with somebody from an alternate timeline who is playing Half Life 3, and you're talking to them about the game/how to play it/what choices they should make?)