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For the upcoming update 0.1.9, There will be massive changes, and fixes including:

  • Fixed weapon duplication bug
  • Fixed enemies walking offscreen and blocking completion of the wave
  • Added rocket launcher
  • Added more waves
  • Balanced the sniper (-1 second fire rate, + Bullets now pierce)
  • Changes to the boss ( +100 health,  Enemies now spawn every 5 seconds, When half health spawn every 2 seconds)
  • Changed the enemies look

Before I release the update, I would still like to add a few more things, make a few more changes and make sure the game is polished and downloadable worthy, I will be having windows and mac downloads as well as allowing to be playable in the browser. These changes that will also be upcoming in the update will include:

  • New Enemies with guns
  • New wave counter
  • More balance changes
  • New Icon for the game

I have no estimate for when the update comes out but I'm hoping that I will be able to get it out as soon as possible.

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Hello! Today is the (1 month late) 1 year anniversary of my game, because of this I’ll be doing an update for the game (latest tomorrow). Thanks for reminding me about Mac, when I was making this game and published it I felt that it was too small so I shouldn’t even bother making it downloadable, so when I’m finished the update I will be exporting it for Mac, Windows and Web! Thanks for the feedback as well!

Its been alot longer than "latest tomorrow", this is because of a bug thats been haunting me this whole time, whenever you picked up a weapon it would duplicate itself and then would allow you to have 20 weapons at once, ive just recently fixed this and am hoping to be able to update the game soon.

Sorry if this is late but you can move around the map by holding left click and moving your mouse

I would love if this was released on iOS but it’s ok if you can’t that’s fine

I love how nobody sees ahead people getting picked up and thrown into a cauldron lol

i noticed that too lol

Amazing Game!

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Think the boss Spawned in the boss spawns in the bottom left corner i will try adding a boss bar and might make it spawn in the middle so there is less confusion

- Thanks for the feedback!

Great game!

Inflated fungus are pretty hard to beat when in groups

No problem

1. Can you equip the Great hammer

2. If can equip does it give better bonus than start

This has happened to me many times i got the game 3-5 days ago i found that when i kept shop open and saved and quit that breaks the door and sometimes the sign and door is broken when start new sometimes that i dont know how to fix but to fix the door glitch close door and shop and save and go to main menu then enter game again

Hope i helped! i am in 0.8.2