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Hello, I made an account here after seeing this on the indiegamedev group on Facebook.

I generally don't take the time to download demos but the artstyle and general style of the game had me interested. I really enjoyed the demo. I liked how interesting the characters were, and again the graphic design is right up my alley. However there are a couple of things that could be tweaked. I honestly didn't know what to interact with for a lot of the demo to progress, which was a little frustrating. I spent a good 4 minutes trying to sit at the table so I could get hammered before checking out the other room. I had read how some people thought the pressing A was a bit slow in visual, so I didn't run into the issue they did. However I did get lost trying to "grab the keys" to go get pizza. I made the call in the main area of the apartment, and then I was instructed to grab my keys. I don't know why, but I didn't really think to head back into the bedroom to grab them, so I fumbled around the main area for a while before seeing if they were hanging by the door or something. I was able to just leave so I assumed I had successfully found the keys or something but after finding the pizza place and being really confused as to why I couldn't interact with anything I made my way all the way back, and found them on the dresser. The game actually told me there was "still things left to do here" but it let me leave anyway.  The little guide robot dude is nice, but maybe give some clues as well. It told me what I already knew, to grab the keys. Maybe something like (On the dresser in the bedroom) or something would be helpful. This can be applied to future objectives as well. Outside of that, I genuinely liked the game. I do think the spacebar to advance text and enter to interact is a little weird. I tried advancing text with enter and it didn't work, that could probably be streamlined better.

Overall I enjoyed it, thanks for making it and I look forward to seeing more. Something' I'd buy for sure.