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thank you all so much, this is incredible

Thank you for playing! Nice video, had fun watching*w*

Thanks dude, means a lot~~ Will eventually add a souls like worthy map to explore.

so kind! still working hard to make things ~playable... thanks again for the jam by the way! it was a blast-


changing my aspect ratio to 4:3 fixed it


The text is glitched out through the bottom of the screen, making only the top two pixels visible, therefore making all text unreadable.

downloading the press kit erases the games...

Excellent gaem, thank you!

Excelent! Really incredible games man, keep at it. Totally crazy for your work.

nice atmosphere and storytelling, also the atmosphere given by the topology based on the viewpoint is nice

wow! wanted to let you know it works perfectly on android mobile browser chrome (my cellphone is a huawei j2) Really fun!

theres a zoom option, but yes, at first you have to get used to some letters

dude the stairs are tedious, other than that the game's shaders and textures are good. The audio design is great if one can ignore the footsteps  after constant and repetitive uninterrupted flights of stairs.

OOFFff great stuff man, thoroughly enjoyable.

excelente locooo

very beautifull game, i enjoyed it

a real beaut. Thanks for it