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T-THE GOOD ENDING ?? okay ngl i dont think im up to that maybe i will play it again after the jam ends so u have time to improve it and makes so its more polished 

and thanks alot for liking my vid i hope you enjoyed it 

plus im sorry for being stupid lmao and not noticing those gameplay tips 

thanks for making this nice game i really liked the style of it and the "poor" drawn aesthetics that made it feel really creepy and good in its way. and I really really liked the fast movement of the child, like him peaking around, was really creepy for some reason like its actually something alive not just an image being moved by some script/animation.

my complains tho is the controls was a bit hard, garbing stuff and placing them sometimes could feel really buggy, and the last stage before making the child into a literal sandwich, was really hard, it took me about 30 minutes to actually beat it which i had to cut down alot in my vid. 

dont take this the wrong way i was actually enjoying this game too much until it started to feel like an endless fight with the demon child in the last fighting stage which made me it feel a bit sad.

but hey it was a game jam's game so its really so impressive for alot of reasons.

I hope you keep this good work up man, and again don't take my complains the wrong way, I really enjoyed this nicely creepy game and the reason why I'm saying these stuff is because I can see that this game could be something really nice and I believe with small tweaks its gonna pop out more.

I hope we see more stuff with this nice aesthetics again :)

and excuse this shameless promo and this long ass essay.

really enjoyed the game, and the aesthetics alot.

the story is also really well made. hope you do more visual novels like that.

really really enjoyed the game, hoped it was longer tho but its understandable.

the retro  style and the simple graphics makes it really nice looking. thanks for making such a game and excuse my shameless promo 

A really nice game with an interesting story, i really liked how the mc started to get more and more weird and insane, and for a game that weighs 19 MB. this one is really really good. not mentioning the nice graphics.

i only noticed the weird timing of the credits. it started rolling the moment you finish the game instantly. which made me laugh for 1 minute straight for some reason lmao (its in the video).

anyway good game and keep it up. hopefully i will play other games you made. and please excuse this shameless promotion.

really nice game with a nice story to follow.

but i think i found few weird bugs,

the main menu ui isnt scaled correctly with my resolution (1280x720) which makes the begin and quit buttons not visible.

second thing, which im not sure if its intentional or not but some of the subtitles was really fast at least for me, 

you can see the stuff im talking about in the video.

other then that i think the game is nice and it has nice controls and inventory system as well, not mentioning the nice ps1 graphics (except the forest area, the ground's texture gave me hard time looking at it)


ngl the fact i got scared shitless without having any actual jumpscares is impressive. even tho it wont help as much i made this video about this amazing game with its really really nice ps1 aesthetic. good job and thanks for making this beauty

really interesting game i kinda hoped the dialogue would get deeper but for what it is its really good.

the art style was good as well i liked how the game ran smoothly on my shitty pc lmao

hey i really enjoyed this game and its really nice aesthetics. but i think i found few bugs while interacting with the piano around the 4th minute into the video. again im not sure if that already got fixed or its just the version im using but i think i downloaded the lasted one from the download link you provided.

again thanks for making such a nice game

i really enjoyed this game and the artstyle was really good, kinda wish there was more games with that high quality. 

the ending kinda made me a bit sad but overall i think its a realistic one which is good in its way

im really glad what i said did help. and its my honor to contribute in this nice game

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really fucking good game with nice jumpscares thats for sure.

if u wanna play something thats gonna jumpscare to the point of you ascending to heaven try this. thats at least what happened to me.

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hello i played this game and let me tell you its my first time playing a game that jumpsacred me at least 7 times and made me scream out loud and well that says something. its impressive that such a game is for free, thanks for that btw

but i think i found a bug ? im not sure if its my system fault but some text messages that appears on the screen most of the time disappear before i even finish reading the first lines

you can see this happening in my video after the first 2 minutes

again, thanks for making such a nice game and im sorry if this shameless advertising is annoying

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for the existing room problem i would suggest you to disable the player's controls the moment they enter a room and when the player release the move buttons the controls comes back. so they don't keep going in the same direction (with this solution you don't even need to make the player spawn far away from the entrance, because if its too far it might look weird).

for the dim lighting i would also suggest you to make more apparent that there's a power outage going on by adding small light sources, like warning light that doesn't work on electricity (since its advanced facility with memory erasing i bet it would fit the story) plus without any sort of lights then the actual darkness in this case wont be noticeable and ppl will just think the game is being dim for no reason but when they see a light source that shines through darkness they will be quick to realize that the game isn't dim but its because there no lights, plus if you think about it if there's an actual power outage how can the main character see his surroundings in the first place? maybe you could make the player shine (which doesn't need to be plot friendly since a lot of games does it) or maybe he can get a flashlight?  

anyway im just saying my thoughts here to help you out in a good intent so i hope you dont take this the wrong way. :)

hey thanks for making this game, it was really good. even though it wont help as much but i made a video playing it and it was really a nice experience. i got the bad ending which well... wasn't the best but it was something i'm satisficed with. i would suggest making it more bright since it was really dim and sometimes when u enter a room you tend to exist it in the same time because you're walking in the same direction as the exist for the room you just entered  (i hope this is making sense lol, i mentioned the problem in the video too). anyway thanks again for making such a nice game and nice sounds too.