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We're in the last stretch of the GameJam! I appreciate all of you who took the time to participate in the game development competition. The weekend after I'll put together a compilation disk of what gets released so that it can be burned and played on the Dreamcast. Considering I've never ran a competition of my own, I think it turned out pretty well and I look forward to DCJAM #2 next year! What would you like to see in next year's jam? Would you like a smaller or longer time frame (perhaps go from 9/9/2017 to 9/9/2018)? A theme? Should prizes be a thing?

Given how successful this has been so far, I'll most likely make this a thing that happens every year for as long as we get more than five people participating. :) Next year I'll save up a little more money so that I can get some interesting prizes for the people who participate.

Awesome! Sounds very ambitious. I'll be keeping an eye out. :) Hope that you find enjoyment in making it!

I know I already sent an email out thanking you all -- but again thanks. I'm sure that each entry is going to be very different from each other, which is great! I like variety, and the more types of games the better! There really hasn't been too many complete homebrew 3D games, and I always love point-and-click games.

Since it does take some time to set up the development environment, I do encourage that people get some of the stuff set up before hand. As long as the code isn't game specific, we are good.