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Hey there, I followed this game since its demo release here on Itch and recently bought the game on Steam. Just wanted to say you did an amazing job and made one of the most fun VR games available right now. 

The only issue I have is that the "double tap to drop" does not work yet for Index controllers. 

I'm looking forward to see what you create in the future, cheers!

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Nevermind, this was by my mistake. I activated the "sandbox mode" in the itch client earlier and forgot about it. So it's not surprising that the games didn't have access to SteamVR. Deactivated it and now it works.

Here are a few bugtrackers but I believe the free ones are all self-hosted.

You could also use Trello. It's not specifically for bugtracking but should work pretty well anyway.

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Launching the game through the itch client doesn't seem to work. It shows up on desktop but not in the HMD. It might be a bit early to suggest this but have you thought about setting up a bug/suggestion tracker? Might save you some time and hassle.

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I really like the update, good job. The SMG and its reloading mechanic are great. Personally, I'd just increase the trigger volume for snapping the magazine in place a little bit so it's easier to reload while you're under fire. Even if the magazine does a little "teleporting" then, I think the tradeoff is worth it since this seems to become more of an arcade-like title rather than having emphasis on realism like in H3VR. The dropped magazines could also use a larger trigger to make them easier to pick up. The robots are awesome but I'd like to have some kind of sound when they have you in their view and get ready to fire, so you could dodge their projectiles at the last second when they sneak up from behind. Maybe that would get annoying at some point but I think it's worth a try to see if it improves gameplay. Minimap was much needed and is implemented perfectly. The new enemy behaviour really adds a lot to gameplay. I love how some soldiers duck right away when you encounter them, so it's not always easy to get a quick headshot anymore. The fact that they have senses now and help each other is great and sometimes creates very stressful situations where they "swarm" you from all sides but I still think the difficulty is appropriate. HUD is also good.

The only things I'd like to see in the next update other than more complex levels are options to change the vertical position and rotation of the guns, like you can do in Space Pirate Trainer (at least rotation).

I'm very happy with this update already and looking forward to the second part.

Really awesome game already. I have spent more time in this than every other VR game simply because of how fun and flawless the gameplay is, even though being as simple as it is. I was hoping for a game like this to pop up and am relieved that not only it already exists but also has "passion project" written all over it. Looking forward to see where you decide to go with this. As a little suggestion, I'd appreciate if you could include the build version on this page.

Stay motivated, you are definitely on the right track here!