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This is really fun! Music is awesome too!

Fun game, excellent presentation. The controls should be more tight.

Neat game, I like the PICO-8 style you got going. The game's pacing was really slow, so I only did a single stage.

Neat little game, easy to pick up, and ramps up in difficulty very quickly. I like how the score is tied to how quickly you click.

I was initially a bit confused about how to shoot. I was just clicking when I wanted to shoot, which sometimes didn't go through, so I thought I had to restore my shot somehow. Eventually I figured out how to, but I wonder why not just have the player constantly shooting if there's no reason not to anyways?

Enemy spawning was a bit wonky sometimes, I was only able to get a score of 9600 because of it. Visual effects are very juicy and the music is interesting. Overall a solid game!

Thanks for letting me know! I have uploaded a build where all capitalization errors should be fixed.

Fun concept! The models looked great. And hearing that classic gameboy "pling" made me really nostalgic ;D

Ahaha that was fun! Managed to fill up the whole screen with plants.

Not wasting stars while still placing plants was a fun game in of itself. The boss was a nice added bonus too!

Cool game. A lot of features for such a small time frame. I was a bit sad to find out the enemy couldn't really fight back, but beating him up a bunch of times was still fun :)

Fun! The animation at the beginning was very cool as well! Bit of a shame the camera kept clipping into geometry though..

Wow! Making an online multiplayer game in such a short time is very ambitious, really cool!

My only nitpick is that controls felt sluggish, but I suppose that makes it extra nostalig :p

Fun game! I tried both Herbivore and Carnivore, but Carnivore was a lot more fun in my opinion. The movement of the other creatures was natural feeling as well!

I'm really scared of horror games so I was afraid to try this one :')
Initially I was having a hard time with the controls. That might be because I've never played this kind of game before. But I was able to get used to them eventually, and managed to escape.

It looks pretty good, especially given the time constraint. It really felt as a maze as well. Orienting myself was difficult.

Nice job!

Fun idea! Would've loved to see some more levels!

Very neat and original! I don't have much to say what other's haven't. The text overflowing was a bit of annoying.

I expected many things.
I didn't expect this.


This game is amazing!

My (world) record is 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Very interesting game mechanic. I liked that I could kind of "phase" through walls.
I suppose you also got the theme in with the player being "one" with the world.

I'm wondering if you could incooperate more interesting mechanics. Maybe blocks that you cant attach to.
Assets very nice. I like the style. The chromatic aberration on the sides was a bit too strong in my opinion though.

Would like to see a version with sound effects and more levels.

Good job overall!

Neat little game! Very "mobile-esq".
I like the main game mechanic, it's just fun to swap gravity.

Art was nifty, and the music was cool too.

Overall good job!

Very interesting game! I love the art-style and the little jokes thrown in.

Balancing just crystals for everything sure made me think twice about every action I took.

Enjoyable game,  cute assets, and a great difficulty curve!

You did a great job polishing this game, the only thing it's missing is some background music. ;)

Super cute fun game! I love the music, and the core gameplay was quite fun.

I did run into a few issues though: Mainly the game freezing if I clicked outside the window, and bullets not exactly shooting where I am pointing.

Absolutely fantastic game!

I love the way you introduce different kinds of enemies that each have their own little "counter move". Very original and very well executed!

Interesting concept. I'd be interested to see what you do with it next!

Fun little game. The soundtrack in the background built suspense nicely!

Absolutely fantastic looking game!

Gameplay was fun. There were enough elements to keep it fresh. I quite enjoyed the "bullet barrages" that occur. :)

The player felt a little hard to control with how fast he was moving, but other than that it played really nice!

Cute and nice game! I feel like it could become awesome if you worked on polishing it a bit more!

The difficulty spikes to "impossible" very quickly, which may be something you want to look into. I think you could also get away with giving your game more "oomph". Faster walking, faster bullets, bullet knockback, etc.

I'd be interested to see what you come up with!

Fun game! I like the core mechanic, and the graphics are totally adorable. I often got caught off guard by the paddles switching colors, but I suppose I just need to "git gud". My only wish would be for there to be sound, mainly audio feedback for when something happens.

We are glad people are enjoying it!

Thank you! Yeah it was a crazy last moment decision! I'm glad it turned out well.