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Enjoyable game,  cute assets, and a great difficulty curve!

You did a great job polishing this game, the only thing it's missing is some background music. ;)

Super cute fun game! I love the music, and the core gameplay was quite fun.

I did run into a few issues though: Mainly the game freezing if I clicked outside the window, and bullets not exactly shooting where I am pointing.

Absolutely fantastic game!

I love the way you introduce different kinds of enemies that each have their own little "counter move". Very original and very well executed!

Interesting concept. I'd be interested to see what you do with it next!

Fun little game. The soundtrack in the background built suspense nicely!

Absolutely fantastic looking game!

Gameplay was fun. There were enough elements to keep it fresh. I quite enjoyed the "bullet barrages" that occur. :)

The player felt a little hard to control with how fast he was moving, but other than that it played really nice!

Cute and nice game! I feel like it could become awesome if you worked on polishing it a bit more!

The difficulty spikes to "impossible" very quickly, which may be something you want to look into. I think you could also get away with giving your game more "oomph". Faster walking, faster bullets, bullet knockback, etc.

I'd be interested to see what you come up with!

Fun game! I like the core mechanic, and the graphics are totally adorable. I often got caught off guard by the paddles switching colors, but I suppose I just need to "git gud". My only wish would be for there to be sound, mainly audio feedback for when something happens.

We are glad people are enjoying it!

Thank you! Yeah it was a crazy last moment decision! I'm glad it turned out well.