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This is a neat concept. I'll go ahead and list some pros and cons as well.


  • I haven't played a game quite like this. The way you pull in surrounding items ties the overworld and battles together in a nice way.
  • There's a nice amount of variety right from the beginning. I don't feel like I'm being drip fed new monsters or mechanics. 
  • Even though there's several systems I'm unfamiliar with, I never felt frustrated.


  • I had a hard time losing, even when I was trying to.
  • I know there was a word limit, but item descriptions would have been nice. Most other things I was able to figure out without reading the tutorial.
  • I wish there were some music or sound effects.

I found this one nice and relaxing to play.

I didn't know either. Thanks for mentioning it.

Bummer, looks like another installation's needed for those who don't have RPG Maker VX Ace. Here's where it can be found: