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No, I like trying to figure out controls. I thought I did good job, I eventually figured out everything could kill me but fuel, and I got to the end my 1st play through. Sorry if I'm a bit thick, but I avoided objects and got fuel, wasn't that the point ? Unless there is a deeper meaning you meant the player to find.  Sadly, there are and were issues with youtube posting time links I'm seeing, so sorry if the time stamp was off. 

Oh, my, yes, I don't know how or why it posted here. (insert red face here).

Let's play...

Let's play...

My let's play...

My let's play...

My let's play.

My l
My let's play. 

My let's play...

My let's play...

Wow, well I'm looking forward to playing other games you make.  :D

Yeah, giving feedback is the #1 reason I do this. Also, I just realized, if you added a 2nd black hole option later on, it may help.  To simplify things, maybe you can only move the cat via blackholes :D

My Let's play:

My Let's Play:

My Let's play...

My let's play...

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My Let's play... and thanks for the help during the jam. 

My let's play...

My let's play of your game. 

My Feedback and thanks for the help this jam. 

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My Feedback 

My feedback ;)

Yeah, I think if there was a movement tutorial before playing like for other mechanics that would have helped. Also, if you and your team plan for a commercial phone release, maybe having one level to show all the mechanics would help.

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Hey can't find the other Lewd Jam Games from 1-2, can you post a link to them?
I found the link to 3 :D

I have a game idea, it's not super lewd, but it would be nice to see what other jammers had made in the past. 

You watch my play test for feedback.  And, wow, my hears were hurting from the missile sounds :/, but overall I liked it. 

Really wanted to love this game, but as you can see from the vid, had issues playing it. 

Thanks so much for help this jam. The controls are overall pretty good. You can see my vid on how the controls worked from a player prospective ;)

Glad you guys are on here. Hope to bump into some of the streams before work :D

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Hi, if I buy the game here, can you give me a Steam Key? I'd like to buy it here because takes less money from you than Steam. 

Everything was great, but my ears got blasted by the music. 

I think it's a good core mechanic that can be implemented into another game. 

Reminds me of the IO games a couple of years ago, but it's pretty polished. Nice job.

I wish I did a vid for this becuase this was really funny. Controls stick a little but overall, great!

LOL, I did a vid for this, but forgot to rate it. Very nice job.