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A member registered Dec 10, 2016

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I tried to update my graphics drivers and nothing happened. By the way i am on Core i5 7th Gen. My computer is an Aspire F 15. Thanks again for your help and I can't wait until the next update

Thanks man your the best

Thanks man your the best

it freezes as soon as i open the game

i get one second to move then freze. 

My game keeps on freezing


Created a new topic Mac

I can offer to test a mac version of Tracks

I will offer to test a mac version

Mac please

What genre is this



Where can i find the mac download

Could you make it for mac


It wont let me save the map or play the maps i have created

Yeah please add it to mac. #Stop_Mac_Abuse

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Certainly, i would be most delighted to test the game on OS systems

Sandbox Play community · Created a new topic MAC

I have a mac!

NOOO The game is only for windows!

(Credit walrus Buket)

Please make a mac version

i cant move the characters! How do you move them?

Created a new topic Please do it for mac

I would like to play this on mac with my friends. Please make it available for mac.