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Tiny Red Rhombus

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El proyecto esta pausado porque estoy enfocado en mi trabajo real, no se cuando estarán disponibles los demás niveles amigo

Excelente 👌


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Today I posted an update, thanks for the support

Me alegra saber que te gusto amigo, gracias por descargarlo 

The main mechanics are very good, I hope I can try the final full game

Thanks 💖💖

I am surprised by the quality of the review you have done 💖, if you continue creating content with this quality you will go very far, thank you for pointing out the problems that the game has, I will work on solving them 👍

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like it and the game is already translated into Spanish, it can be changed from the main menu of the game 👌

yes, i only use admob, and i get 1 USD for 50 downloads

Thanks 🥰, what is your question? 

Este juego me hizo sentir un sentimiento de intriga y calma, eso es difícil de conseguir 👏 me gusto esta demo, deberías publicar los avances y noticias en twitter

Hello, I am also a web developer ✔ and making videogames is a lot of fun, I am glad that you join this community, good luck in your future projects ✨

Hola, bueno juego solo que un poco difícil haha, creo que lo mas que dure fueron 3 minutos pero la forma de jugar es divertida, suerte en tus proyectos amigo

I love your comment, thank you

I really appreciate your comment, I'm glad you like how the game looks :) and when you complete level 4 of the game, a new character appears with whom you can exchange the coins for hearts

Thanks, I'm happy that you liked the game

Divertido y arcade, ideal para jugar en Android, me parece excelente que tengas una versión en la  Google Play Store, 50.000+ Descargas wow amigo 

Yeah no problem, go ahead

I will be waiting for your review

The game is fun i am sure if you made an android version i would play it while i am outside my house

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Thanks for the comment and the recommendations, soon I will add more functions and levels