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mmmmmmmm thank you :)

I agree, very crunch

Yeah, I didn't see the theme ether after I completed the game.  In the end I guess time was put into control.  Thanks for playing!

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You can make the shield last forever!  I didn't notice, Thanks for playing!  I'm planing on adding some stuff here and there once the uploads arn't blocked.  Glad you enjoyed it

I asume this is when you are using a steam controller.  I do not know how I can fix this problem. Because I'm useing an older version of gamemaker it may no be set up to tell windows that you've entered a game.  Thats my hypothisis anyway.  I will keep looking into this as the project continues.  

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Yeah, I started to notice this to as I played around with the curent build.  It is a bug, your character should only preform a face kick when the other character takes damage.  For now I don't know why its not regresting.  I'll have to dig more into Gamemakers collision detection stystem.  I actualy forgot about this ploblem so thank you for pointing this out.  I'll add it to the ever growing pile of stuff to fix.   much thank!

Oh most thank you :)  I'll fix that in the next update.

I think you might have found the infinite stock glitch.  After a certain number of deaths, the stock amounts go into the negatives.  The player only teleports back to the top of the map if the stock number > 0.  I'll have to fix that.  I want to keep the inifiate stock for testing purposes but I'll try to fix what you've found.  Thanks again!

oh sorry, thats my falt for not explaining his power.  His special attack is a couter attack.  If his arrow thing is hit, he releases a large powerful slash.  I'll add descriptions of each characters special power to the home page.

many thanks!

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Rain Sword Melee is a calm multiplayer fighting game.  Fight in large landscapes with quick precise attacks and platforming.  Welcome to the world of Rain Sword.

any ideas to make the macanics better and stuff

Rain Sword Melee community · Created a new topic Small Bugs
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Any problems that are found can go here.  If it seems to be a larger problem, please start a new topic.