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Thankyou for playing the game. i also happy when someone enjoy playing it ^_^.

Hi, thankyou for the review and feedback,

Finally there is a bug occurance found here, the Kasim goes to underground event is bugged, it is not closed properly then. And i really appreciate your inputs here, i will consider that gameplay experience should be refine in the future projects. I do want to extend this game and lenghten it's storyline, so i will make battle adjustment in the future update.



Thankyou for the review and feedback.

I did some adjustment in the downloaded version (PC/MAC/Linux), also a save function included.

Thankyou for the review and noticing the details of the game.

Thankyou for the review and feedback.

I also glad that you enjoy the game. As you experience the game is not perfect and do have flaw in it. But overall as a game maker i aslo feel complete to finish such a game in a limited timeline. Actually i almost cancel the cave map two days before the jam closed, because i felt not confidence to be able to QA test the game and resolving bugs in less than a day if i implement the last two maps.

But here it is..., as it is.

I do enjoy the process of making a game and much more when the game could be played and enjoyed by many players. Every feedback is also important to enhancing my tought and growing ideas more and more.


Would you like to taste an old fashioned RPG?

It can play straight in your browser, but the convenient versions ready to be downloaded. They comes in 3 platform compatibility Windows/Mac/Linux.

The downloaded versions have save & load functionality, so you have no worry about continue progress later.

Thankyou for the review and feedback. The browser version seems to have the issue that you mentioned, maybe it is because the processing data in the server takes too long time and generating error.

The convenient version has been uploaded (Windows/Mac/Linux) version available to download and they also have save&load function included.

Thanyou for playing the game.

I dont know, my game is story based, and using events sequence. Play a role as a character and soar the RPG world. It will takes time to finish and preferably someone with exploration traits might enjoy it. (It is browser based and mobile browser friendly. But download the PC/Linux/MAC version if you want to have the save functionality)

I mean the main character sprite, the only one i could see on the screen and there is an arrow facing up, so i thought it is the direction to move. Then after i try to move the MC, i click left mouse button on the arrow sign, then only MC's hand is rotating but the MC itself is not moving. It is not a complain or such, but i only share my experience in game.

Thankyou for playing the game. Since the resource files of the browser version are hosted in the sever the save functions will not work eventually. But in the near future i will update the downloadable version to have a save function, lengthen the storyline, and also fix some detail mistakes that i made in this version.

For the shop that is not responding, maybe because you use a mobile browser i guess. I also try once in the mobile browser and the shop event is not responding unless we click the player sprite in front of the shop character.

Thankyou for the feedback.

Thankyou for play the game.
Afer the game JAM rating phase, i will update to add the saving options, fixing some issue and lenghten the storyline.
If you remember and could give us an information in what phase does the game crash?

The music is very nice, it is relaxing.

It is very smooth, nice game. Adding some sound effect on movement and interactions will make it better in my opinion.

It is a smooth one, but you should consider to adding sound effect on sword swinging, clash, hit and maybe the enemies roaring sound. That will make the combat become more alive.

Maybe for me the camera sensitivity just bit too fast, and maybe i used to a opposite y camera angel so it make me a bit confused moving the camera POV due perspective at first. 

I download it, but my PC refuse to run the game due to a security notification. So I could not tell anything about the game for now.

It is an interesting moving mechanic, but i still dont get it hove to move the sprite. Maybe you should add some guidance or tutorial ahead.

Hi, thankyou for the feedback and for playing the game. I will improve the details of game experience in the future projects or in the next JAM projects i'll join.
Yes you right about the game phase that speed up at the late game, since the game is for a limited time JAM project and the submission date was getting close back then, so i do make mistake on the details when developing it.  After the rating phase in the game JAM  i have plan to update the game and lengthen this game storyline also. Thakyou again for your feedback.

Wow, what kind of game that would be?

I myself not a programmer, but i know a little about methods and processing flows.

This game i made with an engine and free plugins :

Gamenya bagus, tapi progressnya berhenti di pengecekan kartu itu kenapa ya?

Hai. I am played your game, but it is looping between hades and atlantis forever.

How it suppose to be completed?

I finished the game. That save function should be hide dude, due the browser version will not support that feature.  It feels nice to complete a game right?

Thankyou for playing

Because i said Nyiiihaaaa...!

It is for excitement purposes (^_^)

First thing first knowing who you are and where you are.

I am a noob and feel nyiiiihaaaa...!!!

You can check mine tough. LOL

Please make it playable on browser.

Please make it compatible on browser play.

Bagus ini gamenya, tapi kumpulin kayunya cuma dapat max 24 batang aku bang, kurang 1 entah tersembunyi atau bug. Trus aku pergi ke map atas, game progressnya berhenti / gak bisa ngapa-ngalain lagi bang. Ceritanya udah mantap bang, tentang budaya lokal Aceh.
Semangat terus bang!

Thanks for playing the game. I also believe that RPG maker actually did not fit for universal game engine jams. But since the jam has no specific rules in what engine should be used, then I choose to dare to enter the mini game I made. It is very simple and fast done with RPG maker.

Nice, It is challanging.