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Thank you, and thanks for playing! :D I have a soft spot myself for platformers.

Movement still needs work, and currently does require pateince to line oneself up for a jump. I may be guilty of masquerading the lack of content with it😅 The main loop physics can also be overwhelmed if there's appreciable lag. All things I hope to tweak after the jam :D

Scenery and graphics were gorgeous :D I also very much enjoy Winter and mountain scenes :D good job

Excellent, this one worked really well! Thanks :D

This was a lot of fun and really cute! Great job :D

The Linux build appears to have a few problems. I think the binary name needs to match the "_Data" dir, and the bundled library files appear to be for Windows (.dll) as opposed to Linux (.so).

I'm certainly available for testing/advice if you would like any :D I don't have much Unity experience, but I do have plenty of Linux experience (and Google ;D).

This was awesome! While perhaps bordering on being a skinner-box, I also think that was the point ;D A great use of the theme.  It made me very nostalgic for those sorts of games, and was thinking if this was a mobile game, I might sink a lot more time on it than I'd like (or not, would be a fun "check notifications and feed/bathe the pet").

I think the one thing it needs is something to shake it up a little. Some unexpected or random events, or changing mechanics at higher ages. Once I had a good flow setup it was very easy to keep my pet happy at max stats and still have my intensity always increasing overall. Perhaps adding either something like the pet's stats decrease faster as it ages, or some random events can occur (such, "you're pet is sick! it's stats decrease "x" times as fast for "y" periods until you buy medicine for "zzzz" intensity!). Or just some sort of currency/intensity sink.

Absolutely loved the visual style, and I like how you refer to it as "mining" ;D Extremely well done!

This was fantastic! Very well done. Love the style, humor, and mechanics!

There was an interesting bug I hit: I was able to draw the sword before being sent back to hell, but wasn't able to swing it (so that first death still occurred). Then after, I was gifted the sword I was already holding, as it sparkled slightly and my character reacted in awe ;D It's a fun bug at least, reminds me of some of the old NES/SNES games ;D

I was actually getting a bit frustrated at first from the lack of a "direct up/down" attack. I kept wanting to press up+attack, but would just be gifted with a slow death animation. I finally found a nice flow with that awesome mob logic by kiting the enemies back and forth: lead them away and into a line, back and swipe, retreat, etc. However, then I'd have to backtrack after a massive massacre and make sure I didn't miss anything, which felt a bit jarring with . I'm wondering if enemies re-spawing would help keep the pace a bit better, and keep the player on their toes a bit more. Wouldn't have to be all out mobs, but just slow enough to catch unwary or pokey players off guard. This game seems like a great fit for a high difficulty and heavy suspense.

Everything else about the game is so great. Everything has that juiciness, the transformation mechanic worked well and had a lot of promise for puzzles, and you packed a large amount of content and polish. It's extremely impressive! Can't wait to see more ;D

This is awesome! I really enjoyed playing it. Haven't made it through the Dark World yet, but I'll keep at it! Absolutely love how the music changes as well with the graphics, and the music was quite catchy.

Not sure if this is a runtime problem for me (running under Linux with Wine), but sometimes when the graphics would change, my view would be reset.  I also do wish there was also a little something extra to indicate you've been hit. Possibly a slight delay before graphics shift (likely just a handful of frames) with some screen shake or something, and maybe just the slightest invulnerability after being hit.

Excellent work! Had other people in my house looking over my shoulder while I played ;D You wove mechanics, theme, and visual/audio together well :D

Whoo! Perfect :D now time to get me a high score ;D

Looks great! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Spot on! This was really well done.

Best of all, you captured two things I think other LCD entries in this jam haven't captured

1. The bleed from an active entity to the neighbouring cells (leakage current from old screens)

2. Laggy input XD

Wonderful amount of polish, very fun and funny! I really enjoyed this!

Hitting trumpets did feel repetitive soundwise after a while. It would really add to the experience if they emphasized portions of a classic Bach piece when you did (assuming you could find the rights to one...).

Otherwise, amazing work!

Really neat! I felt like this is a great improvement on the controls for asteroids (which I never liked). Great job!

I enjoyed the faster pace gameplay. I think white on light blue was a hard to see color choice though.

Loved the death animation for enemies as well!

Pretty good! I had a hard time tracking the ball though--I think it could benefit from being a lighter color against such a dark background.

Otherwise, great job!

The look, sound, and feel are perfect! I wish there was more!

It would be nice if there was a better transition for the movement in the overworld, and the combat (which is a neat idea!) could use some more fleshing out. I just  used one direction for all inputs each turn and could beat each monster in 4 turns.

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This is so well done! Great job.

I think my only suggestion would be to add a respawn delay and/or an invincibility period after death. There were a few times I died and respawned so fast a second shot killed me again.

Other than that, the mechanics are great, the graphics look awesome, sounds are spot on. And most of all, it's fun :D

Wow! Very nostalgia. Much passe...

Yay Elm and FRP! I was trying to use an FRP style in my game but sometimes felt like pulling my hair out.

Fun! Great job


Certainly a good start! Feels snappy and sounds nostalgic.

I couldn't interact with the bases though, was that not added? Rotation controls were interesting as well.

I spent a lot of time working on loaders and tooling myself. Time I wish I spent on my game instead. It is fun, but I think I've finally learned it's better to use other tools during a jam.

This was a lot of fun! It looks great and is very cute!

The gameplay is very fun as well, but could use some tweaks I think.

I was getting stuck on walls often (maybe reduce friction on vertical walls). Also, trying to move sideways felt a little off. Moving sideways would kill my upward momentum which made it difficult to get up hard platforms, and I had a difficult time managing stamina when moving sideways. I kind of wish there was a way to move sideways slowly without using stamina or much less stamina so I could line myself up better, or launch myself in a better arc.

Overall, great job! Very impressive. 😄

Excellent job! This is quite impressive.

It's already been mentioned, but the physics are a bit fast. At first I actually enjoyed it (super fun!) ...but then I died too much and had to start the game over when I ran out of lives, and trying to be careful didn't feel as fun. I think the lives system fits well for a "throwback" ;D

Also, it was not obvious at first I had "3 health" and was indicated by transparency of the heart (I ♥️ using an actual heart for that ;D). I think either a meter or some other means would convey that better.

This is wonderful! Great job!

My only complaint would be the difficulty curve feels too shallow: especially once I realized you can fire multiple shots. I just started hitting "right->fire" over and over again to fire a shit down each lane. I think limiting shots and/or adding a longer delay to each button press would help avoid that.

Otherwise, spot on :D

I think having other visual cues and clues would help better than camera placement. Some ideas that'd be easy to implement would be

- shadows or ghosts on the walls (mimics the 2d view, but in the same 3d scene)

- have the ball transition in color/rotation/whathaveyou as it approaches: for example, red vs blue, and have it go red as it approaches player and blue against the computer.

- Have the ball leave a tail (easier to extrapolate visually where it's going, especially if the tail has perspective).

- Change the field of view of the camera, might exaggerate the perspective and make it easier to place it.

The grid is a great idea! I think it could look good, or adjusted even. Maybe make two orthogonal planes with some transparency that center on the ball?

Looks really good. Combat is a little awkward, but the "stamina" meter recharging with movement is a good touch, and movement feels great. Good job.

Performance issues aside, I really like this. Love the effect when an enemy is destroyed. Procedural generation keeps it visually interesting. If you keep working on this, it'd be interesting to have enemy behavior depend on the generated pieces (timing and flight path for example) to keep the gameplay from being repetitive as well.

Cute :D


Spot on! XD

Ah ha! Looks like you can move the red bouncy pads with the mouse. Levels are quite tedious, but impressed at the amount and variety.

Gameplay is neat and I love the world! Very cool to have the levels all parts of the circle and zoom in on start.

Pretty neat! Love the distilling Pokemon to the basics ;D Interesting using the particle effects for damage. Did you actually make 150 different creatures?

Looks great and plays well!

Very cool! Actions have some great snap to them.

Great start! The physics feel satisfying

huzzah! You "win"

Thanks for playing :D

I wasn't even close to finishing this, but wanted to submit my progress so far anyways.

...some difficulties getting it deployed after crunching until the very last minute caused me to miss the deadline, but I still published what I have so far:

Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to the next one.

Hey everyone! I have been working on a custom Clojurescript engine for the past couple of months and excited to try and get a prototype working with it out for this jam.

I had an idea for a game set in a moonlit forest, where the player must pursue a wolf pack on the hunt, and hoping to experiment with some simple mechanics and aesthetics.

I had a late start to this jam, but I was able to finish and debug collision detection tonight, and eager to crunch for the rest!