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I've created a discord server.

That's bad. I hate bugs like that. If I can't reproduce it I can't fix it so let me know if you manage to reproduce the issue. Thanks for letting me know.

hey glad you're enjoying it. The splitters only split into one direction. You can put as many of them next to each other as you want but they have to be parallel and right next to each other. That's just how they work.

sure I'll let you know

I don't have a discord server for it yet maybe I should make one. I sometimes post development updates on twitter:

Very original idea. The second level was a bit annoying but the rest of the game was really fun

One of the most creative submissions I've seen so far. Good job!

You have to put the inputs of the crafting recipe into the inventory of the crafter. As long as all the inputs are available it will keep crafting the outputs.

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Shrinking has 4 requirements: a valid Input, a valid Output, a valid name and you need to have a compact cube in your inventory. You must be missing one of these.

Hey thanks for playing the game and the feedback. I'm aware of this bug. I think the hammer item description even says that you shouldn't destroy your first crafting table with it. It's going to be fixed in the finished version.

Yeah getting items back is just not in the game yet. I do intend to add it later. It does kinda make sense though that a hammer destroys things for good.

Hey thanks for telling me. I'll fix the bug as soon as possible. Maybe I should make it so you can hold down the mouse button to plant and harvest so you don't have to click so often.

The Grappling hook game was my biggest project so far.

Play minigames to collect resources and make new things using the unique crafting system. Use your resources to purchase upgrades.

I've been working on this for almost a year and now I finally released a first Testversion.

Play Rune Shaper:

All feedback is welcome.

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The Journey of Icarus is a 3D Platformer game, that is all about swinging through five unique levels using a grappling hook.  The game takes place in a beautiful low-poly skyworld after earth was shattered by a meteorite. This game was in development for almost a year and now it's finally released. 

It's available for free here:

Thank you!

I'm sorry the second level turned out a little too hard. You probably won't want to try it again but in case someone does, make sure the camera is lined up with the world (like in the screenshots). That way you walk straight and you won't fall off the staircase. Sometimes it also helps to restart the level and try things while you're visible.

Thanks for the feedback.

It's in your AppData folder. Search %appdata% -> local -> CoinFactory -> SaveGames. Delete the savegame.sav.

Unfortunately you can only package for Mac if you are on a Mac and I don't have a Mac .

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I stopped working on the game though so don't expect too much.

Whoops I accidentally replaced the 64bit version with the 32bit version. It should now work again.

Thank you for the feedback. In the beginning I actually had the resources at 0% but the problem with that is that if you don't plan everything very carefully you run out of resources very quickly and get stuck. Anyway I stopped working on this game so there won't be any more features.

I don't know why that is but maybe the 32bit version I just added will help.

Are you on a 32bit Computer? I just added a 32bit version.

Unfortunately you can only package for Mac if you are on a Mac and I don't have a Mac .

I just added a 32bit version I hope it works.

I'm glad you liked the game and thank you for the feedback. Sorry about that tutorial thing I must have been a little confused when I wrote it. I know the game is lacking some things but the reason I released the game in this unfinished state is because I don't really want to keep working on it.

Try creating the exact same machine I created in the linked gameplay and see if that works. The input and the output have to be connected and you have to press submit in the end.

Does it give you an error?

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Hi ShadowWolf246
I'm very sorry you had a bad experience with Coin Factory, but I'm not sure what you mean by "Where is the game". The game is free so you didn't have to pay anything, but it seems that you have bought the game twice for $2. I'm assuming you were not able to download or open it, but I have no idea why that is. I didn't do alot of testing on this game, because this is just a prototype and is also marked as that. If you give me more information I might be able to help. Otherwise I suggest that in the future you try games before you donate. Thanks for your donation and have a nice day.

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A prototype of Coin Factory has now been published. Coin Factory is a game all about building a factory. I made this game because I had this idea of being able to bake a contraption made of different machines into one machine that can be used again to build. That feature allows you to build an infinitely big factory on limited space. I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to try it and tell me what you think about this unconventional way of building a factory.

Hey everybody!

I recently released my first game "Trip Shot". Its a trippy experience in which you must shoot a ball into a goal. On its way to the goal it must pass some obstacles. The thing that makes this a good experience are all the nice little effects and sounds. 

This is what it looks like:

You can also find some gameplay right here:

I would be really happy if you checked it out: