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Wow I love the Art Style, Gameplay and the Music.

But I'm missing a Attack Sound from Kirito :(

Anyway best SAO Fan Game. Please make an other one for SAO Underworld!

can u make some sort of Zelda - Lost Woods music?

Thank you!


I like your interpretation of the theme!

The artstyle is also awesome, but make it more uniform.

PS: check out my game too :)

its a nice little game, I like the artstyle!
but the physics are strange sometimes

PS: check out my game too :)

It's a very short story, but i like it. The sound effects at the end maked me laughing :)

i dont like the clouds, make them move faster or slower and bigger or smaller. But the simple design of the background, foreground and the player is nice.

PS: check out my game :)

Cool mini game! I love the simple artstyle and the theme is nice interpreted!

I cant play it, my antivirus blocks it... sorry :(

this is so cool!