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Tim Obermueller

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Let me investigate this. I'll DM you if I need any more info from you. Thanks!

Yes, thanks.

Right this instant, only available at Spear Witch:

Should be available at Exalted Funeral and Floating Chair soon.

This is a fun one! If you love the premise of a giant guy with a sort of Jurassic Park type set up- you'll love this one.

This is a slick, badass adventure that's up there with the best pamphlet adventures.

Unfortunately my options are US or UK. Sorry!

Get back to me if you haven't seen anything (the book or some notification) by 11/14.

Hey! Just following up on this, did you get a chance to run?

Link here:

And a notification for you!

And for you!

Here you go!

Here you go!

Thank you so much! I tried to add in some "Okay, we're done with this now" points if players aren't into it but I hope your game goes well.

Unfortunately, the artbook was part of the Kickstarter only. Sorry!

Game found preorders coming soon!

There will be something through Gamefound in the next couple weeks. I'll try to remember to post link here for you

That works for me, in general, DMing me on Twitter @timmy1990may works best or through my facebook page:

If that doesn't work let me know

Thanks for your support! That would be great to make them all

Thanks a bunch! I can put your first pledge against your shipping costs if that's okay?

Not seeing any way to do that on itch, unfortunately! DM me on Twitter and you could send me $6 through Paypal?