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Come check out my new application, designed specifically for Text to Speech synthetization!

SkySpeech is a free and easy to use speech synthesizer. It was made by TimeWisely. It's primary goal is to read text out loud for users who may be visually impared, it is designed to be user friendly for everyone. If you are in need of using this program for other purposes, you are free to do so.

You are free to use this application as you want non-comercially. You cannot redistribute your copy of the SkySpeech application.

Keep in mind, we do not provide you with any voices, any voices that are included have been pre-installed by your operating system.

Thank you for reading, enjoy!

Download Now!

EAS Simulator is a tool i decided to create to make it easier to create Emergency Alert System Alert Messages. The tool is used to make skits, pranks, any other forms of content and entertainment. You are permitted to use this tool in any and all project so long as you give credit to all the authors of each source and EAS Simulator itself.

Emergency Alert System Simulator (EAS Simulator) is a tool designed and created by SkyLight Gaming. it was originally posted exclusively on a different site, it was uploaded to to try to spread the software around. It was made in ClickTeam Fusion 2.5. You can use it to prank your siblings, friends, you can use it in your videos, you can make whatever content you so desire using EAS Simulator.

Notice: All tones you hear throughout the application are unknown if their active tones or not. I do not take responsibility for any actions anyone creates using this tool. Please keep that in mind. If you do something illegal, it is your own problem.

I hope you enjoy this app, i spent weeks on it. criticism is always welcomed, and if you have any suggestions please feel free to point them out. :)

Download Now!

Unfortunately no it isn't. The new version of HTMaker is HTMaker 2020, it is a closed source version.

I forgot to edit the "Add Me" part, if you want the MFA email me at:


The program isn't out yet.

Well... the sad truth of this is, The game is only in BETA for users who i have selected to join the BETA of the application. If you would like to join it, Please email me: - If you are selected, A GAMEJOLT account is required,

Oof 😂

I can't say for sure, But it'll be done somewhere later this year

Should be a few months... 😉