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Time Traveller (R)

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They haven't shown up in past episodes but I will be using Aekashics freebies in this series. Credit for characters sprites is in the end credits as per guild rules.

That's great, thank you! :)

can you make your assets into 2D PNGs? as in literally just flattened pictures as in the pictures provided on the page? I only use 2D, sorry. :)

Can you add a credit card option as well as PayPal please? :)

Female Dark Thief in use in my animated web series TIME TRAVELLER (R)

I am using this in my ongoing animated web series "Time Traveller" (R).

I found this resource extremely easy to load and use, perfectly animated and the style is lovely.

Highly recommended.

The finished animation (in sprite style not stop motion like past episodes) will be live at

when it is complete.

Other animations are at

Thanks for providing such a top tier resource at a reasonable price!