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Great Game. Nice Puzzles.

Some of the buttons do nothing, its just click button 3 and win.

The game is great in concept, but waiting for the rewind to happen takes a while.

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This is a great game. Really brings back that one youtube channel that is a "old news channel" called local 58.

Thanks! This was my first time making an idle game, I am glad you enjoyed it!

The linux build should work because it is opened using the Unity player.

You need to build the game in the Unity folder. If you did build it, put ALL the contents in a ZIP file and upload it. It won't play.

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It is the 6th day. My game Is just finished. I will not be updating it anymore. This Jam is fun. I have learned a lot about coding and a lot of lessons. I do hope you enjoy my game. The game is called Productive Player. It is very addicting. Hopefully this isn't the last Game Jam that I do.

edit: Link

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Nothing new, taking a break to learn something new :D

Edit: Almost done, just need to do a few more things ;) 

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ALLLLLLLRIGHT! I AM BAAAAAAACK!!!! I feel much better now. Now I made a second demo :D

You can get it here

Also I have no idea why it is always 25 Megabytes...

Also Also for the people who downloaded the demo and saw the bug where you get millions with a couple of clicks, I fixed that as well as made an ending.

Also Also Also 

A turn based, rhythm based game sounds very good! 

I have learned a lot about making games. My first lesson since joining this game jam was about time management. My second lesson I just learned is to not overwork yourself.

Just Like Jonas Tyroller said, "If you overwork yourself, you will have less motivation."

So I made a little bit of progress for the second half of my game. I got plenty of time. No video for today because there isn't much to report on.

Great Game! I like how you get more points the more accurate you are, as well as being fast!

Day 2 Is here! Still a lot to do, I might be done by week one...

First demo is out! Feedback please :D

Well, this IS your first game, start simple. every tutorial recommends a simple project. Go with your first idea. It sounds really simple, I think I saw Jonas Tyroller do something like that except you need to harvest as much as possible and its in 2D. Lettuce Farmer is perfect for you :D

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I clicked the URL and it took me to nowhere.  Here is one that actually works:

Also if you don't have any way to plan anything, you can use for easy stuff

(Not Sponsored, its just these sites are good)

WOW! I can never think of an idea like this! This is beautiful! Now I really want to see what this game will be like!

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First day, lots of progress done!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I will be putting more materials in the game. This day was setting up the basics (and some extras because I did the basics in a few hours)

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Will you keep working on this? I think it is too soon to post a game.

Especially when there is input delay and you could have multiple points (and fail conditions)

I recommend you keep working on this.

Edit: Great job! I see that you made changes and Fixed a few things! Keep up the good work!

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But the princesses are in another castle. (mario joke lol)

Best of luck to all of you tomorrow! Hope you all have amazing ideas! (I have no idea if mine is good :/)

Me use Unity, me love unity

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I'm very happy to be here! I see everyone else doing a devlog, so lets do that!

As usual, I will be making my game in unity. I will focus on making a downloadable version. No web versions. The game I am going to make is an idle game.

This part is made from text, but I will do the later devlogs out of a video format.

Here are some goals: I want to have at least 15 minutes of gameplay. I want to finish a game so I can get into a mindset to finish multiple games in the future.

Keep In mind I am learning Unity more and more every day! I, also, have never made an idle game before.

1. My name is Daniel. I'm not going to include my last name.

2. I did not participate in the last game jam. I am joining this jam so I can get better at programming. Also might start improving my modeling at this jam because my table looks like two staples stuck together.

3. I like all things equally except sports games. Those are not my taste. Actually, it was a friend that got me to study games and how they work (not from programming but looking at what happens) I then started studying games on Roblox. I made mental notes about what works and what doesn't

4. Yes, I have plenty of experience with Roblox LUA and wanted to learn more about the coding in Unity. I watch a tutorial, see what they do, and replicate it.  I then try to go by memory about what to do. If I don't remember, i go back to the tutorial. Mindset is key :D

5. V I D E O   G A M E S.

6. To make a working game that has cool mechanics and feels good. I am not worried about art. That is something that I can learn another time.

10. multiple themes is something I don't see. I wonder if you can do that?