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New devlog folks!

Work has been going great these past few days, and i feel kinda sad knowing that i won't be able to continue the project for a while, but sometimes thats how it is on this bitch of an earth, right?

Either way, while we're at it, allow me to introduce to you a new character, his name is Vain Keeves and he's the man whose actions will sets in motion the whole story of Bomb Defusal 101

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all sentences are fine, the only bad one is "The place where you never been before", which should be corrected to "a place where you've never been before"

good luck with the game!

Quick update.

I completely changed the initial post, making things hopefully a lot clear about the nature of this project, and i also slightly edited a few posts.

I've been sick for the past few days (and i still am) so i couldn't do much work BUT the artist i commisioned finished two of the sprites i need and oh god they look FANTASTIC.

Other than that i've tried to make some music (the results so far are ehhhh so don't expect to hear anything yet), and i modeled a couple of maps

Both will be made more complex in the future but i wanted to show you at least a tiny bit of work with this update.

Also since my internet got upgraded i'll be streaming on twitch soon, the schedule will likely be revealed in a future vlog since i have no idea of when doing it.

Either way, until then you can follow my channel here

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Out of mainly boredom i decided to take a few screenshots of the levels i've finished so far

Mind you, the graphics are still a work in progress, and i will post updates in the future, but this is what i've gotten to so far

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Sorry for not posting in a while, i really didn't have much of intresting to say until today

Anyways, i published a new devlog, it's only 5 minutes long but i'll give you a tl;dr just in case:

-Got a new concept art from the artist i commisioned, i LOVE it

-I finished another level, and the map for the next one (pic below)

-I'll be having streams on twitch soon where i create stuff 

-I'm thinking of having a giveaway to give the game some publicity

oh then i dont really know

i dont mean to be in any way offensive, but you're not gonna find a market if you put a price on games like that 

if you use unity try to take a look here

imo if you want to make money with these games you have better chances in doing so giving them away for free with ads in it, but good luck either way!

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i've always been fascinated with the kinda tamagochi/pokemon-like games where you grow little creatures and despite still being in a rough stage this one shows big potential in my opinion

hell if you have something else similar, both yours or of someone else, please share 

i'm halfway through the new map and i've hired an artist to draw a new cover and the sprites of the characters since i'm clearly not qualified for that

i'll post pics as soon as the artist finishes is work

boy is it your lucky day!

ohh i get it now, sorry to bother, never played a game that had azerty as the automatic scheme

the game seems intresting so far but i can barely play it because the directional commands seem to be completely random and i cant figure out how to change them

looks neat so far

very much looking forward the future updates of this game

i dunno, i find them weirdly soothing to follow, especially if they do livestreams so that i can put them in the background while the dev talks about stuff with the chat 

its nice to follow the struggles of other small companies, seeing people in conditions similar to mines makes my efforts look more worthwile to my eyes despite the fear that my projects might flop and all

hell, post your channels here if you have one and if you want to, i'd be glad to look into it

you think it would be a good idea? a lot of forums already have them under posts so that people can link or write whatever they want

seems like an useful way to spare users a few clicks in case they get intrested in a dev's work 

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I have made a vlog where i explain more in detail some of the things thar are going to be in the game

I'll still update this page with picture and short stuff but here's where i'll put the more important informations, consider subscribing if you want to follow the development on a closer scope

i've been personally having a very pleasant experience with this website so far but i'd like to find other places to expland my reach, you people got any advice for this lost soul?

places that i've already tried: steam (became very unfriendly towards smaller indie games, plus you gotta pay to publish your stuff whch i cant afford) and game jolt (that for some reason wont recognize my fucking id card so i can't publish anything)

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so, i use 3d rad to make my games. its a very old engine, but its also very user friendly which is why i still use it to this day, the problem is that my games seem to get VERY different loading times depending on the device

a friend of mine livestreamed with me one of my games and i was surprised to see how much shorter the loadings were compared to what i get on my pc

i hope this is not too much of a demanding task but could you please tell me precisely how many seconds does take to fully start up and your pc specs? i just want to make sure that my impressions on how 3drad works werent just that

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I just got done modelling the map for the very first level

The textures are still a work in progress, and i have to create other dynamic objects to fill the level, but i like the result so far

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Aaand i'm back!

This time for just a short update, i just created a possible cover for the game and drew all the characters that are gonna appear in it in the process


also i have a youtube channel where i talk about developer stuff if you care:

i promise my next updates will be more important but this time around bare with me

See it as a sort of crossover between pachinko and pinball. I'm sure there's a definition that would better describe it in the world of non-videogame arcade world but my knowledge on the matter is not very wide, so i apologize if it doesn't feel as accurate to any expert.

Still, the main objective of Bawlzers is, of course, to beat your opponent in understanding how to best move in the environment you just created for yourself, and that's where the main hook of the game comes from.

Yep, because with +30 map items to choose from and 4 game modes its possible to create hundreds of different combinations of levels!

You can also change the level design or the mode mid game in case you weren't satisfied at first with what you created.

I hope you people have fun with Bawlzers!


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Oh my, this is my fifth  videogame i decided to show to the public eye now.

To celebrate such a milestone i intend to get out of my confort zone and create a first person story driven horror/puzzle game with multiple endings, something a lot more ambition to what i'm used to do.

But what is Bomb Defusal 101?

Bomb defusal 101 speaks of Myo Hassa, the disgruntled member of a bomb defusal team, who finds himself in a situation that exceeds even the dangers of his unusual work life when he's forced to fight a threat that could either wipe out existence itself or grant him the gift of immortality!

The gameplay will be based around finding a way out (or in, depending of the context) from a series of semi open areas that need to be fully explored to go further in the story, i plan on putting small easter eggs here and there too so keep an eye open to your sorroundings!

Coming February 17th on Itch, Game Jolt and Steam at 5,99$

in the following posts i will illustrate more in detail my progress with the game

If you have any question feel free to ask

how do i play games in swf format?

What started off as a birthday party ended up becoming a race against time to save the world!

The chapel of the Swamp God just raised from the ground for the first time after thousands of years, and the world is in great danger! 

Walk through God's forgotten lands and stop the summoning of the Homunculus before it's too late! 

Download and play the game here:

The time has finally come! All the most dangerous people in the world reunited to show off their talents in the annual Paska Battle Styleanniversary and you, yes, YOU, will have to shut their big egos off!

Play in this super challenging fps against the 9 (only 9? something's off...) greatest robot pilots to have ever stepped foot in this green beautiful earth! But be careful because they won't just let you humiliate them like nothing, these people didn't gain their accolades by luck! 


ohhh, i see, thanks

i'm having the same problem with this game, only ive been looking and its not marked as nsfw and even as logged in i cant find it

after the decent success, relatively speaking, i had on steam i decided to publish my game here too

its a driving game with lots of action elements

there is 10 levels, each with a unique challenge and map

it's a very hard game so don't be afraid if you get stuck 

you can get it here:

hi! i'm messaging you about a problem i've been having trying to get tax benefits for publishing games on your website

i live in italy and i can apply to get them but when it asks me for the TIN, which in italy is the Fiscal code (codice fiscale) it then says "DO NOT ENTER YOUR VAT / GST / SALES TAX identification number" and i dont know what to do next