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Thank you for making a rad game here! Not just because it's a fun time, but because it also has served as a valuable reference point and reassurance for me as a designer!

So, I've been working for a while on my own solo RPG based on a singleplayer video game genre, one which-- as far as I've been able to find-- has yet to be translated into a TTRPG. This has meant that I've basically had to fly solo on this without too many games to refer to. Naturally I've had a fair bit of anxiety over whether or not my game would come out alright, if it'd be fun, or if I'd succeed in translating this genre to tabletop. 

A few months into development I became aware of RUNE, and seeing it was incredibly reassuring! I'd already had a combat system vaguely similar to RUNE's setup, so I now had a similar reference point to look to for inspiration and confidence! Now I could see that someone else had done something similar already, and it's fun, it worked, it translated its chosen genre very well and people liked it! RUNE gave me confidence to continue on my game-- it showed me that the design choices I was making with it would work out!

My game ended up having a successful Kickstarter run in February, and I'm going to be finishing the thing sometime this year! I've avoided namedropping my own thing here as I ain't trying to advertise here-- I just wanted to thank you for making something cool and giving another designer the confidence to continue their own work!

I 100% plan to check out your other games as I have time + money in the future, and I may take a crack at a RUNE realm after my next game's all done and released! Keep making rad stuff!

Clever, well done!

This is positively delightful, well done!

oml this is an extremely good concept, I gotta convince some folk to play sometime!

Such a rad concept, when playing it with a friend I couldn't help but homebrew it on the spot until things got outta hand and I ended up making my own interpretation/hack of this! Inspiring!

This is a rad resource to put out for folk, thanks! I legit like, forgot zines can be things besides TTRPGs until stumbling on this-- and have some ideas already!

Dangit. Thanks for catching those!

I can't seem to be able to get past where the baby starts crying the the bathroom door opens? Right clicking only zooms in-- I can't seem to be able to interact with the door at all unless I'm missing something?