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A member registered Jul 12, 2016

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The game looks really cute and it's fun to play. I'm definitely looking forward to those future updates, maybe even help by supporting your Patreon.

In the mean time I'd like to report some bugs and give a few suggestions.

Other than the bugs reported by others, I also ran into one where the player keeps walking into the direction they were walking when first meeting both Ellie and Pico. Pressing the same direction key afterwards fixes the issue, but I'd suggest you stop the player in their tracks, instead of letting them continue their walk.

I would suggest to add some more movement animations for the character, specifically interacing with items. For instance, make the player bend over or squat when picking up items from the ground. The jumping animation seems good for picking items from trees, though.

Another suggestion would be to close interfaces with the escape key, as an addition to the X button on the screen. 

Also, there's one ingredient which I can't seem to find. It's the one at the right end of the first row of ingredients in the inventory.

Other than that this game looks very promising, I'm looking forward to the end product.

I'd suggest to add bridges so that a road can cross water.

Also, it would be nice to see civilians or vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.) on the roads.

And I think a harbor or boat-docks would be a nice addition; with that boats would be nice too.