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Reminds me an old competitive browser minigame with the same gravity flip mechanic where you had to compete against a friend or AI in an endless run towards the right with multiple obstacles across the way and the objective was to leave the other guy behind. I think you should try to look for more games with gravity like mechanics to try to expand upon your game, nice work for a first jam and i hope you keep making more!

cute, small and easy to pick after a couple of minutes :D , liked every mechanic you created good job !

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Nice game, it really feels like a cool bullet hell game with an added twist to it, wish you would expand on it with abilities and more enemies (my team also tried making a bullet hell game but yours feels more like it haha)

oh boy yeah, game jams are like that haha, my team got the same problems, and all because of the time limit :'D

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I like the concept of your game, but it has the same problem as the one i worked on, it's too fast. the player movement is good even if it could be tweaked, but the asteroids and ships are way too fast.

Very cute! wish there were tools to help you find water and other mechanics but i really liked it

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Great game! definetly 5 stars from me, while short the gameplay was solid and the small plot helped wanting to go catch more bullets :D

Hello! Thanks for you comment Hauo and yeah, i can't really disagree with you the game is barely a game, broken and not fun. We've learned a lot about working on game jams tho so i think we'll be able to make a better work next time. So, thanks