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sadly no

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man i love the ragdolls, the blood, the gun physics, the graphics, man i want more of this, this is just PERFECT IN EVERYSINGLE WAY

yeah i really love EDGY, it i very epic, seriously i really loved this game

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just a small question, can you switch camera to third person, first person and the second person? as i can say, I LOVE THIS GAME

me now englsh and psanish

sorry for the bad writting my keyboard sucks

epico juego me corre en mi intel celeron n4020

Is there graphics settings


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i like this game and i wont unistall it even if my space is low, the only thing i want is gore not only in head but also in other parts like the arms. very cool game i love it

it reminds me to superhot, madness combat and hotline miami

graphics options.

restart your pc. it will close everything

i have alot of black marks in the map that i filled all of it. im giving up this game is hard and when you complete a hard level the game is borring, but i like the pixel art and the mechanics

when i pass the text it only shows me a black screen


its a very cool game i love it, i like the pixel art but there is a problem i cant open the door with code ):

its that heavy?

why i cant move the camera

i like the way it looks, dodging attacks and the way the player attacks, its, just incredible

there is a jumpscare?

ahora me dice que tiene un error fatal al tratar iniciarlo ):

bro lo instale y me corre a 2 fps la calidad no se baja y no se puede desactivar el bloom y los reflejos, no me gusto, desearia que tuviera una version menos lag

alfin lo puedo instalar :D :D :D :D