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Hiya! So first off, what an incredible game! I can't even imagine the time and effort that went into making this, and I love each and every one of your sweet characters. That said, you weren't kidding when you said there were a lot of bugs! I've taken screenshots of a couple of them and I wish you good luck in making this game the best it can be!

First up, even after completing Dallas's route, a whole bunch of scenes are still missing. Ignore the missing scenes under "Dates" because I didn't manage to get all of them, but a bunch of the really basic ones on the left are still not there. 

 Same thing with Sterling's — I'm not sure exactly which scenes I'm missing but I'm sure there are a few that should be showing up.

In Open-Ended Mode, I started a band with Wizz, Collin and Alessandro. Even though I picked Collin's non-romantic route, I somehow still triggered his "Dates" scenes. I'm thinking this might be because I chose to date him and then rolled back to change my choice.

Lastly (and this is a big one), every time Collin finished a song I would get this error screen. (I can copy and paste the text if you want but it's like a gazillion lines long.) It would stay on the same day while giving band members the stats boosts for that day. Collin would get a boost to his writing stat but his "song progress" bar would remain the same. If you hit "Rollback" you just get the same error message, and if you hit "Ignore" you get this screen:

If you try it again, the same thing happens. You can eventually circumvent it by doing single-day sessions and changing up the stats that other band members are working on, but it takes 4-5 tries before you get a song to work properly. 

That's pretty much all of the bugs I can think of at the moment, sorry for the long reply! Once again, congrats on finishing up the beta version of this amazing game! 

... Ohhhhhhh. That makes so much sense, thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to help haha!

I can't decide whether I love or hate this game.

 On the one hand it's such a gorgeous game, a thought-provoking and haunting story with beautiful writing and characters that feel real. I never listen to voice-acting or use autoplay, but I did with this VN because the voices were so well done. On the other hand it's 3 am, I've been playing this all day, I've consulted the romance tip sheet, and I'm still missing three CGs, two bonus scenes, and Lu keeps dying just when I think he's safe. Please help, I'm about to throw a tantrum.

Seriously though, I love everything about this game. The art style is so beautiful that at times I had to stop and just stare at the characters' faces or examine a background more closely. The story was complex and brought in so many different themes of fulfilment, sacrifice and love, plus the amazing voice-acting made me feel like I was watching a movie. I love all the characters (although I have to admit I have a soft spot for Bemelle, my sweet stupid sad child) and it broke my heart every time I had to see any of them die. Which was a lot of times.

Anyway. I know you guys only just finished this game but I really look forward to seeing what you make next. I know that with such a talented team behind it, any game you create will be phenomenal. 

And uh, no pressure, but if you feel like releasing a walkthrough before I smash my head through a wall, I'll love you forever.

Wow. This was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. 

I started with the non-romance/non-friendship ending (because I like to do things the wrong way around), and I have to admit that while it was good, it wasn't amazing. Then I worked my way through the friendship and romance paths (in that order) and my mind was totally blown. The complexity of the characters and their relationship was masterful, and I loved how they called into question what humanity really means. During the romance path, when Silas starts talking about how he never had a choice, I swear you could hear my heart breaking. 

That was a long-winded way of saying that I loved this game and hope to play many more from its creators!

Wow. Where to start talking about this game?

Okay, so I play a lot of VNs (I admit it, I'm addicted). But this one far surpassed most, if not all, of them. 

For one, all of the characters are so well-rounded. I started out hating Lucette, but I grew to like her more and more as she grew as a person. All the love interests, too, were multi-faceted characters with their own stories, desires, and flaws, not just people for the MC to fall in love with. I even found myself rooting for and wanting to know more about the side characters, like Annice, Jurien and Garlan.

Two, the artwork was spectacular! I cannot believe there were so many CGs for every route — but hey, I'm not complaining. XD The backgrounds were incredibly detailed and really added to the overall impression of this game, and it was so easy to see the emotions through every character's face and body language.

Three, the action was so gripping. I found myself sobbing a lot, and not just at the bad ends. Fritz's good end, especially, made me tear up because it was so bittersweet. I loved how every character had their own complex, personalized storyline, and not just a side romance.

Four, I loved how these weren't shallow love stories — instead, every route and character explored a different idea. For instance, it's pretty obvious that Lucette's own character development is based on the idea of goodness. But there's also Karma's route, which juxtaposes beauty and ugliness, and Fritz's route, where we see the darkness inside every person. It's rare to find a game with such strong messages that forces me to think.

All in all, this VN made me root for the characters, swept me up in a fantasy world, tugged at my heartstrings, and made me think about human nature in a different way. Thank you for this amazing game!