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That's a very clever idea. Nice.

I'm sure it's a lot of work, but I feel a web player/editor could really get Pix64 to blow up.

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I was afraid the last level would be too hard D: Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much for playing!

I was actually scared that level 5 might be too hard. I hope it wasn't frustrating.

I thought the untouchable ambulance on lvl 4 would feel like more of a challenge because the easiest strat for the first levels usually involves moving flush to the top of the cars. If I could change it I would probably make the walls on that level untouchable too, to require more precise motion.

Anyway, it was a fun quick project and I'm really happy you enjoyed it! :D

Please! I only commented here because I didn't find you on the Discord. The game looks absolutely professional and you shouldn't beat yourself up for small slips. Keep up the awesome work!

Amazing graphics and very professional presentation!

I just want to point out that I saw in the gifs here with the King Snes (love the name btw): The verb is "to kneel". Neil is just a person's name.

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I also made a couple of carts for the Fantasy Console Jam! Really cool console concept, loved it.


Many clever tricks with such a simple framework. Loved it.

First of all, AMAZING idea. Great project indeed.

My only request is that, while I know minimalism is the name of the game here, I do think the manual could have a "details" section mentioning:

- "Barrier" items are destructible by the Player,

- Multiple goals itens will make the stage require all of them to win,

- Enemies leaving the screen wrap around,

- Arrow shaped player items are not controllable.

Playing the examples was indeed very quick, but still the point of documentation is to be complete.

(I would also really like another color that could destroy enemies. Maybe it could "glue" itself to player upon touch and move with him. But that's a design decision and I won't deny it's already a perfect closed product as is.)

Anyway, expect one or more carts of mine in the Fantasy Console Jam. Your project is a non-programmer's only hope of participating! Thanks a lot :D