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Perfection, Playing this in a silly mood was perfect 10/10

GBPatch why must you pain me so, now ill have to yet again fever after one of your beautiful damn games oh how unfortunate fortune

I shall ease your mind for my own fear has led to minor research on activity, and i can state that its not even close to being cancelled at this moment (If you already know then i apologize for snagging your time uwu)

So ive been following this game for about 5 days after its release (Which wow first time im this early lol) and i dont regret following to see where this goes. there is literally so much potential and as a fellow perfectionist i am so happy seen as this is something that stops and changes a general feel to any game the most when it comes to a game like this! im ready to stay and view how this goes, your ideas sure dont make that decision hard!

And Damn i wasn't expecting it to blow up from TikTok and totally missed that one seen as i dont have the app. BUt im so happy for you that it did! and it sure deserves seen as you put your time and hard work into this. to continue your doing heart! and have a wonderful day ^-^

*Overly Excited Screams* god i just know this is gonna be a masterpiece! I loved playing the demo and have been checking at least once a week from excitement- The story hooked me i have to admit good luck with the last bit of work!!