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Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed IGEO.

I am not the original inventor of this game's concept. It is a mechanic derived from an old game known as PEGS on Texas Instrument calculators. I've adapted it into an isometric form, which adds a unique bit of challenge to it.

I am currently exploring taking this concept further by introducing new shapes and mechanics and adding more atmosphere and variety to the game's art and graphics. It will be re-imagined in a lot of ways. Also, thanks for the suggestions. If I find a way to fit any of them in I will certainly let you know!

I'll take a look at those bugs and see if I can whip up a patch. Thanks again for playing!

Thanks! Currently exploring expanding on the concept - glad you liked it!

I'm in the same boat. Dedicating half of my brain function to brainstorming while working on my daily tasks. :D

Good luck!

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This page is to serve as a working roadmap for development on Light Drifter. Don't expect it to remain very up to date.

  1. Refactoring and general optimization - need to clean up some events and abstract things out a little more (big projects in Construct 2 must stay well organized or they become a nightmare)
  2. Debug arsenal - build in some general debug tools like level skipping and invulnerability, etc.
  3. Improved 'Prototype' Tileset - the original tileset is literally one tile (the spikes are superimposed objects); adding curves and simple geometry will not not only help diversify graphics but can add level design elements
  4. 1080p - because the final launch will serve multiple devices, we're going to start from full HD and work our way down for mobile and tablets
  5. Backend for Leaderboards/Account system - a simple authentication system for users who want to access Leaderboards and any additional online features; will require Login/Offline Modes
  6. Game Modes
    • Arcade - the core game; 50+ levels of hand built puzzles and drifting; Levels are completed in order, player racks up as many points and Multipliers as possible to achieve higher ranks (A,B,C,D,F); Levels can be attempted over and over to improve rank/highscores
    • Marathon - run the entire Arcade mode with a configurable set of limited lives; Marathon mode features unique Lights such as the Life Light (1 up) and the Skip Light (can be triggered at the start of a Level to skip it)
    • Speeder - 30 Time Trial levels of various difficulty (marked by stars 1 - 5); levels are less hazardous but more tricky to navigate and often have long open stretches with Speed Lights
    • Multiplayer - local couch muliplayer with gamepads; Arena-style and Racing mini-modes on a variety of levels
  7. More Hazards/Dynamic Level Elements - moving hazards, portals - wacky puzzle stuff, ya dig?
  8. "Profiles" - to allow for a few shades of customization, players can tweak the handling and visuals of their craft and save them to unlockable profiles; profiles can then be swapped in between levels from the menu
  9. More Light Powerups/Hazards - in addition to the Life and Skip Lights in Marathon mode, we want introduce various lights that add various 'buffs' and 'curses' or activate certain puzzles/traps on the map
This is a really broad overview and we will most likely be adding and changing lots as time progresses.