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Sir UpJohn

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Sounds Good! 

To be honest I haven't really played much of Soulash during the last weeks since I got a bit bored of the slow progression and eventual death which means you have to start all over. In combination with the static progression in skills and the somewhat unbalance of the character classes every run turns out pretty same-ish for each class.

Don't take this criticism to heart though, I realise Soulash is just in alpha and I know things are going to evolve quite a bit(especially after reading this post).

There is a lot of potential here and I am looking forward to 0.3. Keep at it!

PS: the rain effect looks amazing!

thanks, I ll try that.

you are going to hate this....

nice xD

I ve had the malware warning with the demo as well and not with the alpha neither. However, today the windows defender just deleted the soulash.exe by its own (I didnt even know that win 10 does that). It took me a while to figure out what the problem was. I "fixed" this by adding soulash.exe to the exclusions in the windows defender security center. Another thing to mention about this is that I usually keep my computer running for extended periods of time only going to sleep mode every once in a while. The sudden removal of the exe happened after a proper restart and while I was actually playing the game. It just kicked me out and the exe was nowhere to be found.

I hope that was helpful xD

I just played my now level 5 nomad and when I ran out of melee weapons I switched to my crossbow. I had the bolts for it as well but when i tried to use it the log  said something along the lines of "you need arrows to use a bow". Later on I found some arrows and I was actually able to use them with the crossbow.

Have you played the thief games? In case you haven't there is an item in them which you can throw to blind enemies. I feel like it would be a neat fit for soulash since you have to flee a lot from tough enemies, especially early on. As it is in the moment it is really hard to loose certain enemies(like human travellers or elven villagers). The flash-bombs could be used to blind or stun enemies for a few rounds to get away.

What do you think?

I wanted to give some general feedback on the game, not sure if this is the right place for it though, so please excuse me if it isn't. 

First of all, I really like a lot of things about soulash so far. I think you fixed a bunch of problems that rogue likes usually have such as cryptic controls and minimal graphics (most of them have just ascii characters). I think you found a great way to stay true to the ascii graphics roots but at the same time making the game looks a lot more appealing by using color and effects for attacks and such. Also the lighting really contributes to the atmosphere. Aside from that the controls are very simple and intuitive mostly because you worked out a great UI for the game. My favourite part about the UI is the item pick up screen and that the enemies pop up on the left hand side whenever your character sees them.  These two things along with the tool tips that show up on every tile whenever you hold shift really makes this game a lot more approachable than most rogue likes. 

Alright naturally there is still a lot of work to be done and I am happy to see you are so quick on addressing the most pressing bugs and crashes. 

I cant really think of really severe bugs right now other than the option main menu crash which is fixed already. Aside from that the game sometimes crashes when I walk around randomly. It also seems to just close the game whenever I die. I don't think it is a real crash though since the crash report window doesn't show up in this case.

Alright finally I want to drop a few suggestions. For one I think levelling takes a bit too long. I played a human berserker yesterday for about 3 hours and I barely made it to level 3. Most of the times I die within one hour without even levelling once. I think the process should be sped up a bit maybe by granting more xp for killing tougher enemies(especially because a tough fight eats up a lot of your resources). I am not sure if this is already the case but it doesn't really feel all that significant at the moment. 

The second thing I can think of right now is about crafting. I feel like a crafted item should be just a little better (1 or 2 points more dmg and better durability) than the stuff you find. I think that would make up for the resources and time investment of crafting.

puh...thats it for now. Sorry for the wall of text xD

Keep up the good work.