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Thanks for the feedback.

Bit surprised there was some cut-off; it should be a fixed height camera. I wonder where that bug is! :D

As for the shifting; I’m afraid once you’ve shifted into a square you’re stuck that way for the level. You’re right on their being little to no benefit staying as a circle; except for being able to say you did it your own way :)

Thanks :) I’m glad you made your way through it!

Cool idea, that was easy to grasp with great visuals and audio :)

Like a few others, I was on the edge of giving up by the time I found the key; so if you ever extend it I think, maybe a few easier to find hints, or optional collectables, would be great for keeping the player motivated :)

Cool idea :)

I thought it was all pretty well executed, but I think I could have done with greater distinction between the sounds; my main way of dying was mostly to mishear things!

Thanks for the feedback :D Glad you liked it!

Honestly, it feels like you’ve found a third ending I hadn’t even considered :D

Haha :)

The animation/art is really ace, and it’s a cool mix on a sort of rhythm + clicker game. Sound/music that went in time with the arrow keys being hit would be a great addition, I think.

(Still chuckling about the message at the end to incorporate the theme :P).

Thanks - I’m glad it made an impact :)

I know what you mean about the restart button; I had meant the endings to be more cut-scenes than floating text, but I ran out of time :D

Nice game, and I liked how the mechanics were interwoven with the theme.

I must admit I didn’t really “get” how the spikes were working (and why I was dying so much!) until I read some of your replies here; so I think the tutorial could have made that clearer.

But once I did I enjoyed the challenge of getting to the end :)

Thanks so much :)

(Damn itch betraying my lack of organisation and last minute submission!) :)

Well- when I wrote that comment I’d not got to the end. Although I thought I did when I got to the room with black walls and celebratory spinning rays…

Prompted by what you said I went back and found the invisible way out, and made my way to the end (back to the start screen :D)

So I guess my answer is I didn’t- I think it’s maybe a bit too subtle (the side effect of a 1 bit palette) Perhaps something that would have helped me is some screenshots beyond that section to prompt me that I didn’t quite get far enough.

Thanks - glad you enjoyed it- and stayed true to your circle-self ;)

Amazing art there :)

The interaction was a lil’ hard to intuit, though.

Cool aesthetic and nice story telling :)

I’ll admit I survived the box dodging by hiding on the left hand side; but made it easier to play through again to see the endings!

Really cool aesthetic :)

Alas, I’m really bad at it! So I never got to see more than a few seconds.

Always nice to see a PICO-8 game :)

Cool concept; I only got the normal ending- couldn’t master the battling!

I did find the controls a little mind bending; somehow the ‘turn/forward/back’ didn’t quite gel and I was forever trying to do ‘up/down/left/right’. I wonder if you could maintain the turning in place and use the (probably more intuitive?) top-down control scheme by having the character face the direction in the first frame, and start moving in the second. That way a light touch will turn, and a hold will walk.

Good game though :D

Amazing :)

The visuals, audio and boat/light/rain/lightning mechanic worked together really effectively. And the story the bottles were telling seemed pretty interesting :)

The game looks amazing, and the colour swap mechanic is clever :)

I did end up being surprised quite a lot though; clicking around and then something completely unexpected would happened. On one hand, it kinda adds to the charm, but on the other it can be confusing.

If you end up extending it beyond the jam, I think maybe a few more (significantly simpler :D) puzzles might help get the player in to the right mindset :D

Thanks and glad you like it :)

Alas- the ‘only one block platforms’ was a bit of a victim of the game jam timing, I had had hopes for moving and disappearing platforms to add a bit of variety!

That was all kinds of awesome.

Looks and sounds great. You really nailed the controls and the feel and the special abilities kept me playing again and again :)

Be cool to add a bit of persistence, maybe you get to pick one ability to keep after dying?

Haha :) Thanks very much!

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it.

That’s a good idea- maybe the corners could round/square off depending on how true to your circle you’ve been :)

Amazing :) I had a lot of fun, and didn’t think any of the puzzles were too hard (or too easy!).

Thanks :D

Thanks - glad you liked it :)

Pretty creative, and I really liked the characterisation :)

I do wonder if there’s a way of give the player some agency against the keys being removed. I had a section where it disabled space four three times in a row and all I could do was just stand there (it was even worse when it started shooting!).

Maybe extending the mechanic so that you can always move, but jump (or a new dash, etc.) gets stuck on/off as well? So there’s always something the player can do.

Thanks :) I’m glad the ending was effective!

Alas, you have to be true to yourself from the beginning if you want to make it as a circle :D

Nice game with a cool concept; I had a relaxing and fun time :)

I think a slower rotation speed and a faster movement might improve it; it’d probably lessen the disco strobe effect.

Thanks! Glad you liked the game; cute was what I was going for :)

Pretty awesome, the shader/aesthetic was really nice- although there were still a few times I jumped into the void :)

The platforming was a little brutal, especially those very first jumps; but the game was integriging to keep me trying over (and over) again until I got it :D

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :) It was my first time using Aseprite.

Some cool ideas there, and a nice aesthetic to the whole game :)

Like the others, I did get stuck a few times and got caught out by the camera suddenly revealing a death fall! But I had fun and was enjoyable enough to stick with it!

Thanks - glad you had fun!

It’s pretty intriguing; I made it pretty far down the train line until I ran out of people…

I’d be interested to see a walkthrough; I feel like I missed things.

Thanks - glad you liked the visuals and had fun :)

I see what you mean about the camera; it’s a bit fluid for the general low-bitness of the rest of the game :)

Thanks - glad you had fun and saw both endings :)

I get what you mean- I wanted to make it clear that being your own circle was the difficult path- but ran out of time to use anything than the somewhat cheap ‘you have to do lots of jumps right’ mechanic to do this!

Thanks a lot - glad you like it!

Good looking with a cracking soundtrack and fun - I liked the idea of the mechanic where your abilities were on the line, rather than just your health :)

If you were to develop it more, it could be interesting to give the player a bit more agency as to which abilities were in the line of fire.

Cool idea and interesting mechanic :)

I’d love to see a few more levels. It would definitely feel more fair if there was a clear way of knowing how you’d get cursed (different sprites?) before you attack.

That was pretty awesome :) Really cool mechanic, well executed.

It definitely got pretty difficult, but just about kept the fun side of impossible and I was super satisfied when I saw the end.