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Thank you!

It's endless

Glad to hear you like potatoes! Thinking of remaking this and improving it to put on Steam so it might happen

Merci ! Oui il faudrait vraiment que je retravaille l'équilibrage du jeu un de ces jours

Yeah sure, feel free to use the assets for commercial projects. Would love to see what you're making with it. Didn't know people actually used those characters I published haha, might release more at some point if people find it useful.

Nah don't worry about it

You're welcome

Haha the world isn't ready yet for my best potatoes

Yeah I agree the game probably needs a lot of balancing

Yeah it probably needs a lot of work balancing-wise, I might push out some updates when I get the time. Glad to hear you're enjoying the game though!

What's the other game you've seen? I haven't followed any tutorial to make this game. I did create some tutorials out of it though: 

Thanks man!

Great! Thank you for playing!

I didn't understand a lot of the video haha but thanks for playing the game! :)

Thank you for the kind words :)

Haha well you won't have to kill it! It's an harmless critter and won't attack you, just like the butterflies and worms in the current demo level.

Thanks a lot for the kind words, it's very encouraging! 

Thanks for the kind words, watching you play was very entertaining! I'll try to fix the little glitches you found.

The perks and characters you unlock are saved, but your ingame progress beyond the tutorial is reseted when you die. The dungeon is randomized, which means the rooms you encounter after you die will be different everytime. You also don't have to redo the tutorial after you've done it once.

I might implement a feature that allows you to keep your progress when you simply leave the game though. I'll look into it!

Looking forward to your next videos!

Thanks a lot for your comment! I'm happy to hear we're moving in the right direction.

Спасибо за игру! Я не все поняла, но все равно было весело. Новое обновление устраняет многие проблемы, которые у вас, похоже, есть. Мы постараемся поддержать джойстик и двойной удар, когда сможем!

Thank you for making that video and for your feedback! Watching you play is very helpful to me as I can better pinpoint what needs to be modified.

I agree with you about the difficulty. A lot of people have complained about it aswell as the weird control scheme. 

I am currently working on an update that will drastically decrease the difficulty and change the default keyboard bindings (the mouse will be usable and hopefully be more intuitive). 

It will be probably be out near the end of this week. I'll also take a look at that jumping issue you have pointed out.

Thanks again!

To climb the wall: stand next to the right wall, keep "D" pressed and jump multiple times until you get to the top.

I understand this manoeuver can be a bit tricky in the current version of the game. This is going to be made easier in the next update!

The game is very hard in its current state. We are currently working to make it easier with the next update!

Thank you for your feedback and for the kind words about the art style!

Your video was very entertaining to watch. And it helped me point out things I should work on to make playing more intuitive.

About the room where you got stuck, you actually had to hit the sword in the middle of the room :) I'll make sure to put some more indications in the next update.


I have tried out your game. I think it is an interesting concept! It's a bit hard to play and sometimes confusing to a novice like me but I might not be part of your target audience as I don't usually play that type of game.

From what I understood, you are able to double jump and triple jump when you're near a wall or trying to get on top of a platform (like a pillar) and that you also get one jump if you're one of those wall platforms. But while playing it was often unclear to me if I still could make one more jump or not and sometimes I could double jump when I thought I had only one jump left.

I think adding animations like the hands of the player could help understand which kind of jump the player is actually performing, aswell as accentuating that "parkour" sensation I believe you want to convey with the game. I also felt unsure of what my progression was in the game as I think there were no indications as to which level I am currently in.

The core concept seems to me like it has potential. With a bit of polishing (sounds, hands animations, more visual feedback and feeling of progression for the player) I think it might become a cool game!

Good luck with your project!

Hello spokai,

I think you have a pretty interesting game! I also think you should keep working on it. I just played through it and here's what I noted:

  • The difficulty is pretty well tuned. I died a couple of times before finishing the game and it never felt frustrating or unfair.
  • The game mechanics are simple but the combats are still interesting because there are a handful of strategies you learn as you play : dodging bullets by moving at the right timing, counting how many shots it takes to kill an enemy in order to save ammo etc. My favorite fight was the robot boss fight in mission 10.
  • The music fits very well with the mood of the game.
  • I like the level design, I can see some thought has been put into it!

Some suggestions:

  • There were some times when I didn't know if I should keep firing at something and if it's doing anything or not. Examples: the big tank in one of the earlier missions, the big gates hiding the ammo boost in mission 9, the green blob protecting the rocket launcher in mission 12. Maybe there should be more visual feedback when you hit something so you know its actually taking damage? This way if there is no feedback you know you have to stop shooting.
  • As previously said, the collision boxes of the obstacles seem too big and often get the characters stuck.
  • In mission 9, when you find how to open the big gates to get the ammo boost maybe there should be an opening from the right too so the player doesn't have to backtrack all the way to get the supplies.
  • In mission 12, I got the rocket launcher but it was the end of the level so I didn't have a chance to use it at all. Maybe I missed something?
  • When you are far enough,I believe you can shoot enemies (gunmen, towers) without them shooting at you. I'm not sure if it is intended or not.
  • I tried to make the TNT boxes explode nearby zombies in the first mission but it didn't seem to work. Maybe the explosion radius of the TNT could be increased a bit? It would be a pretty cool strategy to kill zombies with less ammo!
  • I agree with adding more depth to the story. It would be cool to know more about the character, maybe how he got bitten, where his family is etc.

Good job with the game, I'm looking forward to see where you go with it!

Haha thank you for your feedback! Watching you play has proven very insightful, we'll take your input into account for next updates of the game!

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Fight your way out of a planet prison in this 2D roguelite hand-drawn platformer! 

You've been captured and sent to entertain aliens as a gladiator in a faraway planet called Tartarus. You will have to advance through a randomly generated cave with deadly traps and monsters blocking your path. Choose your opponents in the arenas, beat them for items and coins and you might be able to earn your freedom!

Play for free: