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I'd like to think so. My new game on steam is even spookier ;)

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You are very close to the end yes my friend. You only have about 5-10 mins left of content :(  (Once you complete, a "Level Select" button will spawn on the main menu So you can play individual levels when ever you like ) :)

Thank you for the play through my friend! Super glad you're enjoying it!

I would like your input on something:
Do you like alternate endings? With take/reject the crown? 

Should i make that an alternate ending? Thank you!

Also about the lag, I will investigate, and optimise the game some more! thank you!

Whoa, This is super cool! Took me so long to even do 1 level. you need to think about what you're doing, and the paths you take in order to win. This is super smart

haha! thank you for the gameplay my friend and im glad you enjoyed it. When i have some time ill go in and fix the multiple phones! :)

No worries my friend! i would of wanted it to be more myself but i was very new to game developement when i made this. Since then ive progressed alot and is developing a new horror game. a very early demo is on my page if you wanted to take a look. thanks for the gameplay! <3

Hey dude! thanks so much for playing my first 3D project! im super glad you enjoyed it! Funny and entertaining gameplay! :)

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this... could be the sequel to the game im making, about your daughter being taken by cultists to resurrect the devil... haha

Thank you my friend! :)

Hello! If you like horror games and an intense boss fight, give my demo a go. the full game is being developed and is currently wishlisted on steam too! Thank you.

Thank you for playing! i hope you enjoyed it. If you did, i have another horror game currently in developement, with a playable demo on itch at the moment! :)

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Thank you very much for the positive reply! Just for you, if you would like to email me at t[hidden] i can give you a free key to my other funny pixel game i have made. Thank you for downloading and reviewing, aswell as donating to charity! (I assume thats how you found my game!) Much love!

As a fellow developer i found how you did this amazingly. The paradox system of doors and rooms seemingly changing and morphing was amazing. Though some of the transitions were not fluid, which is to be expected.  

Little critique: Some of the starting text and dialogue do not make sense or grammar is wrong. and when you start the game, a lightbulb imediately breaks, i would simply omit that from the game, and let the player experience what that light break means.

8/10 though for sure! Took me a long time to find out i could actually use the knife stuck in the door. Great experience!

Really fun gamePlay! Thank you buddy! <3

Really fun video my guy! it seems i scared you throughout the game. Keep your eyes peeled. Another project is in the works. ;)

Hey it worked! Nice and thanks for playing again! In the final chase turning off your flashlight doesn't stop him any anymore. He wants you. So you have to hold shift to sprint to get away back to your car.

There is a new project in the works. A demo should be out in a couple weeks. I don't know how itch handles it, if you follow me and I release a new project, do you get notified? Thanks for playing again! You were so close!

Only bug fixes if any arise, Working on a new project :)

Fun 2D bowling/mini-golf :)

There is one a couple months before the game was completed. Take a look here:

Thank you for playing! but my god! your recording software makes the game Extremely dark aha

Do you have any feedback for improvements? Im always trying to enchance the experience! :)

I'd like to put my 2D pixel space shooter in the bundle! 

Hello, I tried out your demo, there are some things i'd like to point out:

1: When uploading, you should upload as a standard .zip, this enables everyone to download your project. since not everyone has winrar.

2: The walking noise is obnoxious and far too loud.

3: Im not sure how the game with how small it is currently, is 3gb unzipped. I'd work on optimsing your materials and things to drastically reduce the file size, this will most likely be the number 1 reason alot of people wont download your game. its just so massive for an indie game.

4: there is flare on EVERYTHING. i would just remove the flashlight and lighting flares all together, or drastically lower them, its far too much

5: The mouse movement is very "slow" like its not snappy, it sort of lags behind where im going.

6: when you press escape, and go back to the game, you have to press the mouse button to remove the cursor again.

Other then that it looks pretty good, cant really give it a rating yet since theres not alot to it atm, keep going :)

My contribution #BLM

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Thank you very much for playing my game! It was really enjoyable. I don't know what system you have, but that fps 100% affecting the game play. If you look at other people's reviews on here, they are not slow-mo. Do you know your Mac specs? Thank you! :), Also in the new 1.2.0 patch, the phones are much easier to pick up, and are slightly quieter :)

Just about to post an update very soon too!

I think you're on the wrong game my friend, But funny video! :P only blood and gore here.

Amazing gameplay! Thank you very much!

oh one thing im needing feedback on: Did you think the game was Too dark? or the right amount of darkness?

yea, was planned, the door was meant to close when you're getting the phone, then you're meeant to open it and hes there to jumpscare you, then disapears. but the way you did it seems to work aswell aha

That video was amazing! Thanks so much for your kind words and awesome gameplay! If you have any suggestions for improvements / additions please let me know! Much love

thanks my guy! its always a good thing, if people have issues i can try to rectify them once i know about them! This wasnt developed on a "bad" system so im not too sure how well older systems would perform! thank you for the feedback! :) 

(once you return, the game might be even better! ;) )

This is really strange. You essentially have the same system as me and I'm not slow-mo. There's also a video on YouTube by Max Horror and he's also not slow-mo