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Thanks, man.

I mean, it has discs and rooms. 

Of course! I will add some stuff until the end of the jam. I put this build more to see if it's up and running.

Completely insane for a project made that quickly! I love it. Making the objective more clear would make it even better. (And of course more variation the more points you get. )

It's looking good! However, more frequent checkpoints and a less slippery movement would make it better.

Thank you!  Yes, Dark Souls is an inspiration.

Thank you for your kind words! I took some inspirations from these games. However, I do think I oversimplified the combat mechanics.

Thanks! I am happy that you liked it, even considering it's weak points.

Thanks for the criticism! I am hoping to improve in those areas in other jams. (Or in future projects.)

Thank you! 

Thanks! <3

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it.

It's smooth like butter and surprisingly satisfying to play. I love it.