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Very cool racing game! I love how seamlessly you transition between locations and tracks. And really impressive AI, it’s quite challenging, even on normal difficulty!

This is a cool little action game! It is so simple but very fun trying to dodge and collect the “time”. I love the story LMAO. :-D

For the criticism I think you need a different background, one which doesn’t blend with the character so much. And also map some other button to start the game (like Enter), so you won’t exit fullscreen in browser by pressing Escape.

Very nice puzzle game! It’s cool how such simple rolling and matching mechanics makes for such challenging levels. Getting gold is really hard. :-P

20 levels is really impressive for such a short time, I probably wouldn’t manage to make so many.

I wonder how did you come up with the most efficient solutions? Did you write a solver, or are you just really good at this game? :-D

Yeah, I got so many “enemies drop more money” that the game would freeze for a second when I destroy the purple ships. :-D

Maybe it would make sense to stack money into a single object when there are a lot of them?

This is easily one of the most fun and addictive games I have played in a long time. Gotta get all the upgrades!​

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Oh, it seems that AppImage requires FUSE 2, but you only have FUSE 3. Interesting! What distro are you on, out of curiosity? On Arch Linux there are 2 packages: fuse2 and fuse3, I have both of them installed.

Yeah, it’s tricky to find a window for the cooldown! :-D But you don’t need to cool down all the way to 0%, I usually try to keep between 60% and 90%, because the laser actually deals more damage when it’s heated more.

As the error says, you need to have FUSE installed on your system to run AppImages. But you could always download the LÖVE file and run it directly with LÖVE. Or just run it with Wine like you did. Sorry for the inconvenience! Distributing LÖVE games is a bit tricky.

Good point about precise aiming, it’s actually implemented for joysticks, but a different solution would be needed for keyboards, like using acceleration. But I found that rotating back and forth a couple of times does the trick as well.

I actually more enjoy the game with short ranged ships, it is more intense that way. Basically the gameplay comes down to spinning constantly, and finding a short window of time when you can cool down your laser.

Thanks for playing and for the helpful feedback! :-P

Yes! Finally!

Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

​Funny and addictive gameplay!​ Visuals are very nice, and Summer by Vivaldi of course, what an excellent choice! :-)


Very cool game! I really like the ability to control the tank remotely. I like the variety with each level, you got space, urban, and medieval setting, all with some nice puzzles and platforming, which is neat. You also spared no expense on the arsenal, there’s almost always 2 to 3 ways to blow something up, LMAO. Pure destruction! :-D

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Nice, simple, and fun platformer! The level has well-placed platforms, traps, and enemies. I like the tune in the main menu! The game could use some music too. Also a bit more feedback on taking damage, like a damage sound, wouldn’t hurt as well (pun intended). :-)

Wow! Really well done game. The art and animations are amazing. The bouncing mechanics is very fun and challenging, along with TNT and lasers that you have to neutralize without getting harmed. Levels are well designed and form a nice difficulty curve. Sounds and music are nice. I just can’t find anything to complain about. Incredible that you made something of such a high quality in only 72 hours! Congrats!

Very cute and fun platformer! The art and sounds are amazing. I like that the levels aren’t sorted by difficulty, this breaks player’s expectations by throwing an easy level after a hard one, which is a welcome surprise. :-)

Very cute and fun platformer! The art and sounds are amazing. I like that the levels aren’t sorted by difficulty, this breaks player’s expectations by throwing an easy level after a hard one, which is a welcome surprise. :-)

Really cool puzzle platformer! Well-made puzzles with very original light mechanics. Fits the jam theme and limitation perfectly. I like that it’s a singleplayer and a multiplayer game at the same time!

Really cool puzzle platformer! Well-made puzzles with very original light mechanics. Fits the theme and the limitation perfectly. I like that it’s a singleplayer and a multiplayer game at the same time!

Congrats on the 1st place! :-)

Cool, you really changed the game quite a lot! It’s much more interesting now!

Thank you so much!

Wow, really impressive for a 12-hour game! You got skill - doesn’t matter if it’s inspired by another game or not. Graphics and audio are awesome, the levels are well-designed, movement could be a bit better, but it’s good enough. Cool parkour game overall!

One problem I noticed is on the 3rd level you have less energy than there are turrets, so it’s impossible to complete. And it also would be nice to have a “Next Level” button so you don’t have to go to the main menu each time. Also I noticed that the timer in game is slower than real time - my guess is that you don’t use delta time in your time calculation, but it’s just a guess. I’d do it like this:

var time: float = 0
func _process(delta):
    time += delta

I also liked your devlog! Very incredible to develop games at your age, especially of such good quality.

Fantastic job on the game. I wish you success and all the best. :-)

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Thank you for your feedback! Both things are planned. :-)

EDIT: Just released update 0.2.0 that adds one way platforms and coyote time!


Good use of the limitation! Art is very nice, I can tell a lot of effort went into it! I especially like dynamic shadows and character rotation. I wish the game had some well-defined goal. Adding a counter of collected flowers would already be a great improvement!

Very cool and addictive tower defense game! I like that you plant the mines where you go, quite an original idea. I found a problem though, with each explosion the camera moves to the left a little, until you can’t see most of the level at all!

I really liked it! Cool idea with clones, and how they repeat your movement. Interesting puzzles with just the right amount of difficulty. Nice pixel art with a cute character, and cool retro sounds!

Thanks for playing and for helpful feedback!

I agree that it can be hard to escape, especially on the last levels. Restart option is meant to help with that, but I guess it’s still hard to memorize everything! Though you could try to strategically collect lights in such order that leaves you with an escape path, it doesn’t require as much memorization.

I was thinking about making platforms accessible from below, but it’s a bit tricky, because they are part of the tilemap, so I needed to figure out how to modify individual parts of it at runtime. Maybe now that there’s no time limit I’ll get to it. :-)

Cool little puzzle platformer! I like the idea of having to avoid your previous path, and that there’s limited amount of jumps, forcing you to be smart about how you traverse the level.

Graphics are pleasant, with a well-picked color palette, and sounds are also very nice. I usually add music to my games in the last stages as a finishing touch, and most of the time I have to do it in a hurry, so I can relate to you here, haha! I also like the little fun remarks in the options menu. :-)

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I was going for a calm atmosphere, so I’m happy to hear that it worked for you!

I’m aware of this bug actually, will try to fix it soon. Thanks for reporting it anyway, at least I now know that someone noticed it. ;-) EDIT: Fixed the bug in 0.1.4!

Thank you for your warm comment!

It’s nice to hear that revealing more and more hub areas is appreciated, I spent quite a bit of time on it! And I was actually debating with myself on including the restart button, good thing I did, haha! Thank you for such a nice comment!

Nice game! I like the simplicity.

Cool little maze game! I always admire procedural generation, especially in jam games. Not only you did that, but also added cute clones that try to follow your path. Both not easy things to implement! It’s funny to watch them bumping into each other, trying to figure out what to do.

I like the idea of collecting light bulbs in order to fight darkness. One thing I think this game is missing is an end goal, or at least tracking player score. Still it is a very fun game to play. Good job!

Thank you for such a warming comment!

Thanks for playing, I’m glad that you liked it! This game is indeed meant to test one’s memory. :-) But as an alternative, the levels can also be completed by strategically collecting lights in such order that you don’t have to return back through the darkness.

Thank you, I’m glad that you enjoyed my game!

Press Escape and “Restart”. This will restart the level. :-)

Thank you so much! That is what I wanted the game to be about - being smart about collecting lights so you don’t get lost. :-)

Thank you!

Very simple and fun game! Who doesn’t like to blow stuff up?

Neat little game! I like the idea “greed is your demise”.