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I do love the MC look tho but I'll guess we'll see how the artist decides to recapture her!  Thanks for making this game,  honestly top 3 in my favorite visual novels of all time! It reminds me so much of dragon age origins! 

Since season 2  is getting a new artist will the art style look  drastically different? I love the characters now tho I wouldn't mind a change in CG's  :) 

Is it too late to buy the nsfw version?

I downloaded the mac demo from steam since I had the same issue

Amazing game! Luca was definitely my favorite but I loved Adrian as well. I also loved how intense the bad endings were, it made me pick carefully the second and third plays.  

One of my favorite historical games! Amazing CG's, writing, routes and artwork! 

I LOVED THIS! Everything about it from the writing, to Isabel's personality was amazing! Please let us know anything we can do to support you guys! I'm definitely craving more.