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The filter is nice, but too strong. It is aesthetically too strong, I wish that I could have it but have it be less of an extreme filter.

Noticed it has a word filter, will instagrade you an F depending on some key words. Lol.

Having issues with a dual monitor setup on Win7.

Best of luck!

I had the same issue and reinstalled

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Thank you for the BLM bundle, but it has some issues. The BLM bundle you guys put together shouldn't be for the BLM website, they just took the name and are donating to ActBlu. The money is better sent to the NAACP, ACLU, or directly to police reform and bailout funds.

Eh, after thinking about it, I think it was appropriate for how short it was. It was a simple note about the acceptance of events. I liked it a lot.

Cute. A bit dogmatic with the whole corporate takeover thing, it was very on the nose. I hate starbucks, but it was just too silly to take seriously. I think more days and a bit more dialog would have worked better and no new art would have been needed. I was proud of myself for remembering all of the orders and then it ended up being pretty short.

Fun game, for a bit. Like some others, I'd say that the biggest downside is the repetition. It doesn't take a dry mechanic to put forth to the player that the situation is dry. 

Very nice art. I loved the typewriter mechanic.