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It was much better than your last game! I really like how i can do things with the disks. Very creative. Also, I love the new intro and thanks for using my logo!:) The jumpscares are scary however some of them a little too loud and random. You need to make less jumpscares in my opinion. Scare us with the sounds and the atmosphere, not like this. Sometimes it's more scarier if you play a running or knocking sound effect from my back for example. Do things that make me think that a jumpscare can happen at anytime, but it won't. Overall I think that it was a great experience but some things are missing from it. I see that you have improved a lot since your last game and that's fantastic! Good luck with the development!

It is the best game i ever played on Itch.
I found it a few months ago, since then i always come back to it. It's amazing to see a game improve this much in a short time. The graphics is much detailed now, and it runs better on my laptop. I always tried to kick the props in the older versions but nothing happened. Now i'm happy to see that almost all of the props are breakable. I love it's style, and the characters also look fantastic. The new gun animations are very satisfying, and i really like the new mission map too. The new enemies are suprised me. Maybe they are a little annoying, but cool idea. Can we get a new animation for the gun throwing? :D Like, when i hold the right click to throw it, as long as i don't realase it the gun would have a spinning animation in the character's hand or something like that. It would be amazing. 10/10, definitely worth a try. I can't wait for the full realase. Good job devs, love you :)

i think the papers with the story don’t really work in this game. It's better if we don't know anything about the character we are playing as. The papers could stay, but maybe you could put text on it that only refers to robots or possibly hidden messages that let us know more about them. However, these could not be complete, but ones that no one knows what the truth is, and theories could be written about them. You should think of something like in fnaf. What do you think about it?

It was amazing! There was something new in each episode, the game always improved a lot. I also really liked that cutscene. The graphics, sounds, and all, evolved more and more per episode. You did a very good job and made a very good series.  I missed the papers from the 2. episode, maybe can you add some story, character-related papers in the game? It's not important, i just want to know more about the lab as well. I hope I can play similar games from you in the future, I will follow your work. I wish you good luck! :) 
(Sorry for my english if it's bad)

Cool house.

It's amazing! All along, I thought the monster was 3D! Well done! 

I have ideas for the game. Maybe then in the future you could add a "survival mode" where the monster will get stronger, faster over time, and there is a timer that measures the time to compete against friends.
Maybe you can add more items too. When you hear a specific sound from the monster, the flashlight will not work. You will need the new item to counter that attack. What do you think about it?

Please check your Instagram messages ;)

Good luck! I can't wait to try it :)

You need to play it again, maybe you didn't noticed something ;)

Windows 10

AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics 

AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx

8 GB ram

I didn't expect it to be that short ;)

(It was amazing. I almost quit at the beginning, then... Yeah. This game's dev is a 200 IQ person.)

I experienced some fps drops at the beginning, probably because of my computer. It wasn't that scary in my opinion, but i really enjoyed it. I love the drawed parts, it was very creative. If you can put more of these interactive drawed things (Like the drawer, where you need to click on it to make it open) in the game, it would be amazing. Thanks for this experience, i will follow your future work :)    (Sorry for my english, if it's bad)

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I love this game so much...This reload/rewind thing is very creative in my opinion, i just love it! Thank you Arcy! This game made my day a lot better.  And the music... Ahh. I need the name of it. I want to listen to it all day. <3 

Amazing game!

It was a cute little game, i loved it!