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man i would love to help design and upload these kinds of games. I feel people who work on these types of games (erotic rpg) are so unloved it hurts.

wait is this different than KunoichiTrainer??

man really pumping this game out... though at the cost of others... oh well... not really complaining. (last one i have is r1.2)

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how long i have been playing this game.... [takes a sip of whiskey] 

"since lust Doll 0.08.2"

keep up the good work and when i have some spare cash i will make sure to toss it your way.


Yes thanks for responding what i mean by full games is the finally product no updates or changes.

I am the voice of the poor, I speak for all of those scraping by month by month.... I ask for those who cant, will there be a full game release?? Maybe when the game is finished?? Don't get me wrong this game is defiantly worth at least twenty bucks. I just dont have that kind of money (sad is it not) to pay for said game