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I realize this now and feel really stupid. 

That was pawsibly the cutest VN I've played yet. That twist was one I wasn't expecting for sure and it's refreshing compared to the normal affair. I loved all three of the boys, but I think Ash would have to be my favorite. I guess I have a weakness for tsuderes with a soft spot for dogs. ^^

Why does the download have 'Prism Virus' in the name? Won't that confuse people and make them think it has a virus?

You and Meyaoi Games are much sweeter than me. 

That's good to know. I should be able to buy the bundle I asked about the 3rd of next month, so hopeful I won't be too late on that. :)

True enough, but I always think I'm annoying when I ask questions. It's just a thing with me.

The music will skip at certain parts when I'm in the lab, but as for looping, it loops just fine. I have a pc that uses windows 8.1 so I don't know if it's just how the game works on my laptop or if it's really a problem. I run other VNs on my laptop and they work absolutely perfect.

The display is still off center and every so often the music will glitch, but everything seems to run smoother from what I see.

Oh okay! Thank you! ^^ I'm sorry if I asked a question that was answered a million times over. I didn't really check out all the comments.

When you pay $51.99 do you get the full game, the art book, AND the beta or just the full game and art book? If it's the latter how much for all three?

Oh ok. Thank you! ^^

Strive for Power community · Created a new topic Nursery?

Is the nursery in the game or not yet? Just wondering.

It did say something about an invalid error, but I can't remember what all it said. I'll have to try it out again later and type that bit of coding here.

Nvm. Apparently I can't take a halfkin fox, a dryad, and a slime out. I even tried one at a time and it didn't work. However my other slaves work just fine.

I can't 'leave to town'. I keep doing the command over and over and it doesn't work anymore. :/

Glad you asked. I was about to because I was having the same problem. xD

Congrats on your Kickstarter! I feel bad that I couldn't donate, but I'll buy the full game when it's out for sure.

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that, but it did let me download the new demo. I'm looking forward to going through all the new content over the rest of this week. x3

I loved the demo. The concept and character cast is wonderful. However... it keeps saying that the game's demo isn't available on Windows anymore. What happened?