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Autography Emulator

thank you sooo much~!

are their two bonus scenes for all characters?

Baby Boy by Hot Freaks is so """good""" ending Leo

oh no john's so cute... lyall might have a rival...

being dominated, possessed, controlled, and obsessed over is my love language

Okie dokie, still super hyped tho, even if because your work is always an aesthetic delight rather than because of a big hot man (my usual reason to play a vn)

I mean, just look at

Eleanor: "You know how the Emperor wants her eating healthy."
Aurelia: "No, not more cake..."

Who wouldn't want a man who's idea of eating healthy is thusly?

Is Aureus to be datable? He's terrible, but also, 👀

You're right, sorry, this was just... a buildup of frustration with him coming to a head.

nah, i'm not particularly interested in digging through your posts to find as much, especially this late at night. it's clear to me that you've no intention of admitting fault or behaving differently, from the first sentence alone

i mean, i'm not really all that mad, it seriously just seems like your goal is to upset. from what i recall, you've even put on opinions that contradict each other in the replies to different comments, depending on what that comment author would most likely get mad at. In this case, through our conversations on other comments of mine, it should be clear to you that Leo x Chase is my ship of choice, on account of Chase's reader insert-esque nature, therefore choosing to reply to my comment with a depiction of one of the two canonically supported contrasting Leo ships seems, to me at least, like a deliberate attempt to get under my skin.

sometimes i wonder if you have any goal in your comments but to upset people, you know that?


have y'all seen the file "justafrienddaddy.png"? because like, i was going through the images, and i realized it's separate from the normal image of heather's room, and i can't remember the circumstances under which we see it?

is there a guide? i'm having issues. before you ask, yes i know there are no good endings

can someone transcribe the flashing version of the Characters thing? it goes by too quickly for me to see it and i dont know how to like, pause it or something


hon, im just here to have a good time lmao

nah, kael can hate me, it has literally no effect on me, i'm just saying you misinterpreted my feelings lmao

jokes on you, i like caelan, i think he's one of my favorite MC's

Let! Caelan! Be! A! Little! Bitch!
You'd be freaking the fuck out too if you had no memories in a life or death situation none of your existing knowledge applies to! Shut the fuck up! Everyone thinks they'd be perfectly rational in a situation until it actually happens!

Thank You~!

Leo has flaws?

does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the credits of leo's """good""" ending?

Good Luck~

well, i dont have a save near it, so, next time you play flynn's route, look out for it, i guess

in flynn's route, remember flynn being weird about when we were choosing what to order? after we switch control to flynn, he makes the connection between us doing that thing, and sydney doing the same thing

yeah but the choice making screen thing. which also explains why after flynn almost kills chase we switch to him

actually we do know sydney had at least something going on, chase says and flynn agrees in flynn's route that sydney was "different" those last few months, after his dad's death, and flynn notes that chase now and sydney then both do a weird thing that we know from our perspective is the choice making screen


sam/the entity that is partially sam, transfers hosts when someone kills or almost kills someone, sam to sydney's father to sydney to chase, and then in flynn's route chase to flynn, and theoretically in leo's bad ending that should be chase to leo, right?

honestly i'm kind of surprised the bad ending doesn't show us leo after, since shouldn't sam transfer to him?

Yeah, with Leo for the rest of my life. :3 Yeah I'd prefer that be longer, but, if that's the way it has to be, so be it. I'm patient, I'm sure Echo will claim Leo too, possibly immediately after he reacts to what "he's" done, and then we'll be together forever~!

im joking, but i'm also not joking. i wanna stay with leo for the rest of my life, so that's the game's best ending~!

Leo has a good ending, you just have to choose to stay with him at the train :3

Is Leo a Yandere? Discuss

Likewise, but if they don't I'm gonna try not to be too upset, as much as I miss Leo

Ok, having gone over the ending again, I reassert: Leo is dearest darlingest best boy who never did anything wrong lmao

im on twitter, @TinyBaronessV2

what i wouldn't do for a vinyl set and a leo plush...

Well, we've no way of knowing. I hope so, though, I want more Leo